Modal verbs practice

10 min - reading
10 min - modal verbs warm-up activity
20 min- contracts
5 min - revision
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10 min - reading
10 min - modal verbs warm-up activity
20 min- contracts
5 min - revision

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At the end of the lesson...
You will be able to express permission (toestemming), obligation (verplichting), possibility (mogelijkheid) and probability (kans) using modal verbs in a (not so serious) contract.

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Modal verbs?

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Form groups of 4 please, so 6 in total!

(two groups of 5 people probably)

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Matching modals
Match the modal verb cards with the correct meaning cards.
Some modal verbs have more than one meaning!

Raise your hand when you're done.

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Organise it so that it makes the most sense to you. 
It can be that the modals belong to two or more meanings. 
For example, must is obligatory and very probable.
                  possibility                                               obligation
                  mogelijkheid                                          verplichting

                  permission                                              probability
                  toestemming                                         kans

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Sentences with modals
Make ONE sentence with each of the modal verbs and highlight what the modal verb means in that sentence.
can / could / shall / should / may / might / will / would / must / ought to
permission / obligation / probability / possibility

Each sentence should be different!

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We always find loads of modal verbs in contracts, so today you are going to write a contract for ME!

There are 2 parts:
1. Example contract for YOU, where you have to highlight the modals.
2. Empty contract for ME that you can fill in.


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What did you come up with?

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How well can you use modals?

1 = I did not get a single one correct
2 = I made a bit too many mistakes
3 =  a bit, but I still make quite a lot of mistakes
4 = quite well, but I made a small amount mistakes
5 = I get it right 100% of the time

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