Types of Heat Transfer

Lesson 7. 1 - Thermal Energy
Thermal Energy
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Lesson 7. 1 - Thermal Energy
Thermal Energy

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Picture A has the most Thermal Energy.
Picture B has the most Thermal Energy.
Picture C has the most Thermal Energy.
All the pictures have the same amount of thermal energy

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Molecular Motion during conduction:

- During conduction the 
 molecules speed up and the 
faster-moving molecules 
slow down.

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  - transfer of energy by the movement of heated particles.
- The movements are known as currents that move from warmer to cooler parts of the substance. 
- Occurs in liquids and gases.

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Molecular Motion during Conduction: 
 - An increase in thermal energy causes the molecules move faster and spread further apart. This causes the density to decrease and the molecules to rise in the current.

- A decrease in thermal energy causes the 
molecules slow down and contract.
 This causes the density to increase and 
the molecules to sink in the current.

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- transfer of energy through 
electromagnetic waves.
- Occurs fastest in gases.
- Can be absorbed or reflected.
- Can travel through space and between molecules.

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3 Types of Heat Transfer

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Click HERE to open Heat Transfer Practice 1. 
Place the answers on the back of your note sheet. 

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