Cell structure and function

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What do you know about cells?

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How did they discover cells?

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What is the main difference between a bacteria and an animal cell?

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What are organic substances?

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organic <-> inorganic
Inorganic substances are:
small and simply built
consist of only a few atomic types
main examples: O2, CO2, H2O, NO3, N2 etc.

Organic substances are:
more complicated in construction
consist at least of C, H and (usually) O atoms (often N and / or P and sometimes S and other types)
are produced by organisms
main examples: glucose, starch, amino acids, proteins, DNA / RNA, chlorophyll

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From lifeless to life: self-organization

inorganic substances
prokaryotic cell
Self-organization: creation of new units whereby new properties arise at a higher organizational level (emergent property)

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Miller-Urey experiment
Creating organic matter (including sugars and amino acids) from a mixture of ammonia, methane, water and water vapor.

Electric discharges from lightning as a catalyst for chemical evolution.

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From prokaryote to eukaryote:

endosymbiosis theory

another example of self-organization

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Which two organelles have become part of eukaryotic cells according to the endosymbiosis theory?

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Answer this question:
What are the three main ideas in the cell theory?

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Answer this question:
What are the differences between a prokaryotic and an eukaryotic cell?

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Answer this question:
Write down the different organelles and cell structures and describe their function.

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Work to be done:
Biozone Worksheet 59. 
Assessment questions Glencoe pg. 211-212 Q 1-8 and 11-16 and 19-20

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