Chapter 2: C - Reading

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Welcome h3p!
1. Put your phone in the phonebag
2. Take your book and notebook out
3. Put your pencil case on your table. 

Welcome H/V1! - English
1. Put your phone in the phone bag 
What to do?
2. Take your book and notebook out
3. Put your pencil case on your table

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What did we do last lesson?
We introduced chapter 2. 

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Today's planning:
Today's planning: 
10' Recap homework
10' Read text
20' Do exercises

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Read text
Read the text. Underline all the VERBS (werkwoorden)

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Do the exercises
Do the exercises

Need help?

Exercise 18abc, 19a, 21 (p. 100-103)
You may whisper.
Timer (15 minutes)
First ask your neighbor. If you still need help, raise your hand. 
Momentje vrij, boek erbij
Take with you to the next lesson: homework check

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Daily riddle.....
Rewrite the riddle in your notebook and write down what you think is the answer.

What has to be broken before you can use it? 

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