Lesson 8b - Unit 6 - Conservation (intro) Siemens homework

Unit 6 - Conservation
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Unit 6 - Conservation

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Today's Lesson 
To do:

- Front page Unit 6 
- Read Unit 6. lesson 1
-Intropage instructions
- Assignment!

- What is conservation
-Why are some animals/plants endangered.
Where on Earth are they located

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Start of new Unit
- Create a front page for Unit 6 - Conservation. 
Make sure you show or explain what Conservation means.

- Make a brainstorm of 10 words about 'conservation'.
Think about what things might need conversation. 

Done? Continue to the next slide. 

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Let's read lesson 1

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New words
Write down and research any new words. 
You can use google translate

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Research task! (homework)
1. You will choose an animal from the website on the next slide.
2. Research the animal following the steps explained in the next slide.
3. You will need to use linking words from the chart. 
4. We've added an example for the turtle. You can of course not use this animal as it is already the example.

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What to do
Step 1. Go to website and choose an animal
Step 2. Give a description of the endangered animal.
Step 3. Describe where the animal is living. You can think of the: climate - vegetation - location ...
Step 4. Add a map of where this animal lives
Step 5. Describe why the animal is endangered 
go to next slide.

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step 6. What solutions are there to save this animal?

Make sure to write at least 50 words for each question. 

Use linking words from the next slide. 

In the last few slides you can see a short example ! 

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->Task: research on 1 of the endangered species on the website of WWF.

Scan this code to go to the website. 

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Writing in your own words!!!

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My endangered animal

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Even though they are protected by law, still people trade these turtles illegally.

The reason why is because their shell is worth money. And because their color is beautiful brown and yellow.

People also like to make jewelry and ornaments from their shells.

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Read the text
Rewrite in own words
Add a linking word
FIND solutions

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