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working on the first part of the Magazine Assignment. 

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Lesson aims
  • At the end of this lesson you'll know what you need to do to succesfully complete the first part of the magazine assignment. 
  • At the end of this lesson you'll have started the first part of the magazine assignment. 

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Magazine assignemt
  • You will be creating a magazine
  • You will be working alone in some parts
  • Magazine consists of different parts. 

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  • Interview someone in your class, you may think of the questions yourself. 
  • The interview has a length of 400-500 words. 
  • Add a picture or pictures. 

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You will be assessed on:
  • correct use of the tenses / Correct spelling (spell check)!
  • Correct use of interpunction (CAPITALS, ".", ",")
  • Correct use of paragraphs

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Planning coming lessons
Monday 14 December: Introduction interview.  

Monday 14 January: lay-out requirements, looking at the feedback on interview

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Series review 
Select a series you've been watchin (meaning to watch) on Netflix and watch 2-3 episodes of the series, write a review. 
  • Describe the plotline of the three episodes (spoiler alert!) 
  • Give your opinion on characters, plotline (tension) and setting of the series. 
  • Mention both positive and negative points.
  • Use examples from the series to support your arguments. 

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Requirements review 
You review needs to be between 450 and 550 words. 
Introduce the series you're reviewing, give an overview of the plot in the first 3 episodes. 
Review plot, characters and setting. Use examples to support your arguments. 
Conclude your review with a concluding paragraph in which you summarise your arguments and give your final conclusion. 

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Lay-out requirements
Your magazine needs to have one distinct lay-out. 
  • Same font used in all the articles. 
  • Same background (colour) in all articles. 
  • Pictures
  • Titles of the articles need to be the same. 
Your magazine may be inspired by an existing magazine. 
Or go online to make your own, link in document on Magister.

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Lay-out requirements
  1. Make a table of contents
  2. Write a "word of the editor" 
  3. Name your magazine
  4. Create a cover. 
  5. Hand in your magazine twice. One hardcopy and one digital document (all articles in one document). 

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Article #3: Lonely Planet

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Write an article for Lonely Planet
Lots of travelers use Lonely Planet guides - which are full of expert advice, destination information and inspiration - to discover, plan and book their perfect trip.

For this assignment you are the on-the-ground expert for a Lonely Planet travel guide to a destination by choice. So pick a country, region or city and start writing. Your piece should be about 500 words (or a bit more). See the next page for extra information, inspiration and requirements.

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What to do?
  1. Choose a destination --> pick a country/region/city
  2. Think about what tourists are interested in.
  3. Write an article that convinces people to travel to your area. 

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For example:
A short history of the country/region/city 
Nature: what is special about this country/region/city?
Activities: outdoor and/or indoor: what can you see or do in the country/region/city you chose?
Food and drink: are there specialties? Where can you find a good restaurant?
Places to stay: hotels, camp sites, bed & breakfast?
How do you get there? Write about the travelling options (plane, boat, train, etc.) and tell what they cost.
How to explore this country/region/city; what are the possibilities? (car, bus, bike, foot). Tell them where to rent a car or bike for instance.
Something funny, like: ”Don’t leave home without…”

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  • Your piece (of information) needs to be around 500 words.  
  • Try to convince the tourists to visit your country/region/city. 
  • Use your own words. Don’t copy & paste from the Internet! 
  • Mind your punctuation and spelling, use a spell checker.  
  • Please use paragraphs. 
  • Use pictures, maps, or other graphics. 

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Today: Working on the Lonely Planet article.
Next Lesson: Working on the Lonely Planet article. 

Hand in for feedback: Tuesday before the lesson. 

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Introduction of final assignment. 
Working on article #3 and #4.
Working on the lay-out of the magazine. 

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Assignment 4: advertorial
Advertorial = advertisment + editorial. 

Advertisment disguised as a regular article. 

You can choose any product, as long as it fits with the rest of your magazie. 
Advertorial is around 200 words. 

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Looks like a regular article. 
Magazine is gets paid for publication. 

More examples? See assignment on Magister. 

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Hand in final Magazine
Before Wednesday 13-02 23:59 pm
Hand in two versions:
1. Paper: in class/pidgeon hole (postvak) 
2. digital (word document): Magister -- opdrachten. 

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Lay-out requirements
  • uniformity 
  • new article on new page
  • cover page (everything on cover needs to come back in magazine) 
  • table of contents (add pictures)
  • Editorial: what can we find in the magazine? 

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To do list
  1. Work on the final assignment: advertorial. 

  2. Write your editorial, for the assignment see lay-out assignment on Magister. 

  3. Work on the lay-out. Make sure your magazine is one

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