Think Unit 5 - lesson 4

Welcome to Unit 5; lesson 4!
Past simple!
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Welcome to Unit 5; lesson 4!
Past simple!

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Today's program
  • Herhaling uitleg Past Simple: bevestigende- en  ontkennende zinnen
  • Practise with the Past Simple
  • Test to check your knowledge
  • Word wise exercises 1 + 2 (p. 55)
  • Extra assignment

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Nog een keer in het kort: Past Simple in bevestigende ("gewone") zinnen
Past simple
Om aan te geven dat iets in het verleden is gebeurd.
Met -ed OF een onregelmatige vorm.
Yesterday, last week, last month, two days ago, four days ago, months ago, etc.
He walked her home last night.
I talked to him on the phone yesterday.
She tried to close her book but a fly got caught in between the pages.

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Past Simple
Bij de verleden tijd verandert het werkwoord.
Er komt -ed bij, bijvoorbeeld: walkwalked.
Er zijn spellingsuitzonderingen bij sommige regelmatige werkwoorden
Sommige werkwoorden zijn onregelmatig, dan krijgen ze geen -ed, maar dan hebben ze hun eigen vorm.

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 bevestigende zinnen
Past simple
I liked dogs.
The teacher talked all day.
The woman screamed very loudly.
Look! Yes, I saw that.
She swam a lot in her spare time.
The math teacher taught us a lot.

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Read the comic and find the verbs (ww) in the past tense. How many did you find? Fill in your answer on the next slide.

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How many past tenses did you find?

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ontkennende (negative) zinnen
Bij een ontkenning moet je ‘not’ gebruiken. Plak deze aan het hulpwerkwoord ("did") in de zin.
Denk eraan dat het hulpwerkwoord in de verleden tijd gezet moet worden!
Do not  = don’t -> tegenwoordige tijd
Did not = didn’t -> verleden tijd
Na didn't volgt altijd het hele werkwoord (dus zonder -ed)!

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 ontkennende zinnen
Past simple
I didn't like dogs.
The teacher didn't talk all day.
The woman didn't scream very loudly.
Look! Sorry, I didn't see that.
She didn't swim a lot in her spare time.
The math teacher didn't teach us a lot.

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extra grammar explanation

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Let's practise some more
The sentences on the next slides are written in the Present Simple. I would like you to change them into the Past Simple.
Type out the entire sentence / Typ de hele zin.

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Put the sentences in the Past Simple:
They are best friends in the world.

Slide 12 - Open vraag

Put the sentence in the Past Simple: Do you have a cellphone?

Slide 13 - Open vraag

Put the sentences in the Past Simple:
Superman is not better than Batman.

Slide 14 - Open vraag

Put the sentence in the Past Simple:
He does his homework on Saturdays.

Slide 15 - Open vraag

Past Simple negatives
Turn the sentences on the following slides into Past Simple negatives. Use the short form. Good luck!

Example: She played handball. > She didn't play handball.

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1. They collected post cards.

Slide 17 - Open vraag

2. I wanted to go home.

Slide 18 - Open vraag

3. Dad ordered pizza for lunch.

Slide 19 - Open vraag

4. It rained in the afternoon.

Slide 20 - Open vraag

5. My grandparents lived in a big house.

Slide 21 - Open vraag

6. I was very happy with my new bike.

Slide 22 - Open vraag

7. You jumped high.

Slide 23 - Open vraag

8. They were very tired after the match.

Slide 24 - Open vraag

9. We visited our grandfather yesterday.

Slide 25 - Open vraag

10. My parents were out for dinner.

Slide 26 - Open vraag

Now test yourself on the Past Simple
Deze test kan beter naar unit 6! ivm irreg verbs
To see how well you "know" the Past Simple, click here for an online test. Ready? Take pictures of your results and send them in in the next 2 slides.

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Send in the picture of the first half of your answers.

Slide 28 - Open vraag

Send in the picture of the second half of your answers.

Slide 29 - Open vraag

Questions about your test?
If you have questions about your Past Simple test, take a picture of your incorrect answer and come and ask your question in the Teams class chat or Magister messages.

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WordWise: phrasal verbs with look
De Engelse taal maakt veel gebruik van zogenaamde phrasal verbs. Dit zijn vaste combinaties van een werkwoord met een voorzetsel. Deze combinatie van werkwoord en voorzetsel heeft een eigen betekenis en kun je niet vertalen door de twee aparte woorden te vertalen.

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In de woordenlijst van Unit 5 vind je een aantal phrasal verbs met het werkwoord look. Het gaat om:
look after = zorgen voor
look up = opzoeken
look for = zoeken
look at = kijken naar
look into = onderzoek doen naar

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Wordwise ex. 1 (p. 55) Complete the sentences with the words from the list:
after | up | for | at | into

Slide 33 - Open vraag

Pick the correct word in each dialogue.

1. A What's Janet doing?
B She's looking after/like the baby.

Slide 34 - Quizvraag

Pick the correct word in each dialogue.

2. A Why are you looking for/at me like that?
B Because I'm angry with you.

Slide 35 - Quizvraag

Pick the correct word in each dialogue.

3. A I can't find my pen.
B I'll help you look after/for it.

Slide 36 - Quizvraag

Pick the correct word in each dialogue.

4. A Do the police know what happened?
B No, they are still looking for/into it.

Slide 37 - Quizvraag

Pick the correct word in each dialogue.

5. A What does this word mean?
B I don't know. Let's look it after/up in the dictionary.

Slide 38 - Quizvraag

Well done you!
If your time is up, you may stop here. If you still have time left and feel like doing a creative assignment: go to the next slides.

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Photo report assignment English

Make a photo report of one (or more) of last week’s days. You use the photos to tell your story. With every photo you describe what you did on this particular moment.
-    Use the Past Simple when you write about the photos.
-    Your report should exist of a minimal of 6 photos.
-    With every photo you write at least 1 full sentence. More is allowed of course! ;-)

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Yesterday I didn’t do homework, but I
rented a canoe and paddled up the “Kromme Rijn”.

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Homework Thursday the 17th of March
- Finish this LessonUp lesson, please.
Done and time left? Do the enrichment assignment on slides 40 + 41.

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