Would you believe it - Unit 6

This is something you eat
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This is something you eat

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It's a strawberry

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Stating whether your opinions are true or false
In my opinion that is true/false. 

Well, if you ask me that is true/false.

As far as I know that is true/false.

That must/might be true/false. 

That could be true/That can’t be true.

I don’t think that I believe that to be true/false.

I believe that to be true/ false.

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Tip: Use your useful language sheet
Discuss the following questions (there is a limit of 30 seconds per question)

Write T or F on mini white board. Give answers per question.

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True or False?
a. To see a full length reflection of yourself in a mirror, it must be at least half as tall as you.

  • T

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True or False? 
B. The word 'news' is formed from the first letters of north, south, east and west.

  • F - the word simply comes from 'new'.

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c. Of any group of 23 people, there is a 
50% possibility that two of them 
will share a birthday.
  • T

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Chewing gum takes seven years to pass through the digestive system.

  • F - It takes no longer than anything else, ie; a few hours

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The number of people alive today is greater than the number of people who have previously lived and died. 
  • F - The number of people alive today is estimated at 7 billion. 60 billion are estimated to have been around since the 40-45,000 years humans have been around .  

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                      Eating celery makes you lose weight.

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Guess the meaning of my drawing.
What things did you believe as a child that you now know are not true. 

You have 2 minutes

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Try and guess the significance of what has been drawn. 
I would guess ......
It could be that .......
Are you trying to show that ....?
Does your picture mean ...?
It looks as though ....
It is possible that ......
I think .......

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Read the super heroes text
Exercises 1-4 need to be finished for Thursdays lesson. 
Try and finish as much as possible during the lesson, the rest is homework. 

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Thank you for participating

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