2H Ch 3 - Past Simple vs Present Perfect

Past simple + Present perfect
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Past simple + Present perfect

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Learning Objective 
At the end of this lesson you know:

How to form the past simple and present perfect.

When to choose past simple or present perfect.

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Past Simple

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Past simple in affirmative sentences
Do you recognize the past simple?
  • I was in London last year. (be)
  •  We saw this film last night. (see)
  •  They bought the same dress yesterday. (buy)
  •  I worked really hard last year (work)

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Wat zet je achter een regelmatig werkwoord om er een past simple van te maken?

Slide 5 - Open vraag

Bij de irregular verbs is welke kolom de past simple? 1e- 2e of 3e?

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Past simple (questions)
Can you recognize the past simple in questions?
  •  Were you in London last year? (be)
  •  Did you see this film last night ?(see)
  •  Did they buy the same dress yesterday? (buy)
  •  Did you work hard last year? (work)

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Past simple (negations)

  •  I wasn't in London last year. (be)
  •  We didn't see this film last night. (see)
  •  They didn't buy the same dress yesterday. (buy)
  •  I didn't work hard last year (work)

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When use Past Simple?
Iets in het verleden is gebeurd en nu is afgelopen.
Vaak met bijv:   yesterday/  last year/  in 1980/  when I was a child etc.

• It happened in 1870.
• He saw her last week
• We first met a year ago.

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Present Perfect

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Present perfect

- My father has lived in Rome for two years. (live)
- I have been in New York for a week. (be)
- They have known each other since 2013. (know)

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Present perfect (questions)

- Has my father lived in Rome for two years? (live)
- Have  been in New York for a week? (be)
- Have they known each other since 2013? (know)

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Present perfect (negations)

- My father has not (hasn't) lived in Rome for two years. (live)
- I have  not (haven't) been in New York for a week. (be)
- They have not (haven't) known each other since 2013. (know)

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So, present perfect...

  • have (I, you, we, they) or has (he,she, it)    +  -ed  or  3rd verb

  • Negation:   has/have + not

  • Questions  start with has/have  

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When use Present Perfect? 
Als iets in het verleden is begonnen en nu nog aan de gang is.
                                      I have lived in Groningen since 1998

Bij ervaringen           So far, I haven’t heard from him.
                                       I have never been to London.

Gebeurtenissen in het verleden die nu nog invloed hebben
                               I can't find my keys. I have lost them.

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Signaalwoorden present perfect
Belangrijke signaalwoorden om uit je hoofd te leren;
since, for, just, ever, never, yet, already, so far, up till know, (for)how long, lately?

How long have you been here?
• Have you read any good books lately?
• He has never had a date with her.
• So far, I haven’t heard from him.

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She.... (work) here for 3 years now.
has worked

Slide 17 - Quizvraag

My parents .... (know) each other since 1990.
have known

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They .... (play) badminton when they were young.
have played

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