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When do we use Capital letters?

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Use of Captial Letters
Use a capital letter for proper nouns ( Places, people with names, Titles and for the personal pronoun "I"
At the beginning of a NEW sentence

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(UK)  /  period (U.S.)

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Full Stop ( period)
At the end of a statement – declarative sentence

My dog loves the postman.

To signal the end of a thought.
At the end of a command with mild forcefulness

Please leave the room.

I wish he were here.

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Julia ran with a speed that was as fast as lightening not caring where she was going suddenly she stopped

place a full stop to create 2 sentences

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seeking information
signal the end of a thought
to express a lot of emotion
rhetorical question
at the end of a statement
a command
a sudden order

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"You went shopping and bought...."
write a sentence in which you name a list of 4 items using the correct punctuation.

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and, or, but are known as conjunctions.
When these words  join two 'stand-alone' sentences, a comma is placed before it.

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In which sentence does a comma go and where?
I love cake but I hate chocolate
I love cake but hate chocolate

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Quotation Marks

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the exatct words spoken
6. Give a quotation from the passage which shows Joanna was not frightened by the dragon during the meeting

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"Listen to me so you don't get lost" said Mr Smith

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Sara whispered "Don't go too far at night."

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I've been exploring he said. Have you? said the little boy
add the quotation marks and a comma in the correct places

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i took a taxi on times square and paid a visit to mrs smith she was waiting for her son john so i sat down beside her

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! and ?
He shouted, "Do you love me?!"

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Now re-read your story and check all the punctuation

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