HVG3-EN-2021 Theme 3 - lesson 1-instruction

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In deze les zitten 15 slides, met interactieve quizzen en tekstslides.

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What type of stories do you like to read/watch?

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A review is...
Watching an episode on Netflix again
An opinion essay
A short opinion about a company
A literature portfolio

Slide 7 - Quizvraag

What kind of things can you write reviews for?

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Where do YOU usually see reviews?

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How to write a review

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1. If you like seeing powerful women, frozen is a must-see for you.
2. All the female characters can handle themselves well.
3. The storyline focuses on two sisters.
4. The film could be more powerful if the writers changed ...
5. In conclusion, if you want to see a good story and have some laughs, watch Frozen

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Each paragraph is an explanation of the first sentence. Give examples and explain what you meant in the first sentence.
Example sentence 2: All the female characters can handle themselves.
The rest of this paragraph should prove how Anna and Elsa can handle themselves. 

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Write the next sentence: All the female characters can handle themselves.

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