V/G2 - Unit 5 present perfect continuous

Unit 5: present perfect continuous

p. 50 in your student's book
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Unit 5: present perfect continuous

p. 50 in your student's book

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Present perfect continuous
Fill in the correct form of the verb in the sentence. You can see these sentences in the text on p.49.

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I ____ (write) songs since I was a teenager.

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We _____ (do) a lot of busking in the streets.

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We ____ (not play) together very long.

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Rule (p. 50)
1. I've been learning the piano for two years.
B. talk generally about situations or activities that started in the past and are still continuing now
2. I've been practicing the piano since 10 AM.
A. emphasise how long an activity has been happening. The activity may or may not be complete.
3. I've been playing the piano all day and I'm tired now.
C. talk about situations or activities that have stopped but have a result in the present

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How to form the present perfect
Start with the subject: I, you, she/he/it, we, they
Use have or has (she/he/it has)
Add the word 'been'
Write down the verb in the -ing form (walk - walking, eat - eating, write - writing)

I have been writing for two hours./She has been walking all day.

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Watch out!
Sometimes the spelling changes.
If the word ends in -e (write, release etc.) you remove the e in the -ing form. Write -> writing, release - > releasing.

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What is the difference between pres. perfect and pres. perfect continuous?
(I have walked/I have been walking)

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Let's practice
Put the verbs in the following sentences in the present perfect continuous

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She _____ (work) here for five years.

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I ____ (study) all day.

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They ____ (learn) English for two years.

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We ____ (not/exercise) enough.

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He ____ (not/play) football for five years.

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Negative sentences
When making negative present perfect continuous sentences, we simply add the word 'not' after have or has

He has not been doing his homework.
I have not been exercising enough lately.

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Let's practice
Give an answer to the question that is true for you. Use the present perfect continuous.

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How long have you been learning English?

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How long have you been going to school?

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How long have you been walking?

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We can ask questions in the present perfect continuous.
To do this, write down 'have/has'
Next, write down the subject: I, you, she/he/it, we, they
Then, write 'been' and the verb in the -ing form

Have you been doing your homework?
How long has he been playing tennis?

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Do the following exercises in your notebook on Teams:
P. 50: Grammar ex. 3, 4
P. 50: vocabulary ex. 1
Done? Do the writing exercise at the top of P. 51

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Do you have any questions about the present perfect continuous?

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