Lesson 13 - Unit 4 - lesson 2. Origin of towns

Unit 4 - towns
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Unit 4 - towns

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Today's Lesson 
To do:

-Review task homework
-Reading page 22/23
- Task location and function
-recognize different type of towns.
-understand what location and function have to do with each other.

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Let's read (p22/23)

origin of towns

Difficult words?
Write them down and translate them!

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Let's read (p22/23)

Origin of Towns

Difficult words? 
Write them down!

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What can tell us more about the function of a town (why is it there)?
1. the location
2. the history

Location will explain what the town is used for -> Function 
Next to sea -> Trading overseas via ports (handelen)
Next to sea-> Tourism and recreation
Around bridges/rivers/canals-> Crossing points for trading and transport
Close to natural resources (hulpbronnen zoals ijzer en steenkool)-> Factories and mining

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What function will this town have?

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  •  Discussion questions lesson 2
  • Task: location and function

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