Lesson 4 - Passive and catch-up

Chapter 5
Reading and Vocabulary

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Chapter 5
Reading and Vocabulary

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Today's planning and aims

At the end of this lesson, I can paraphrase a quote.

At the end of this lesson, I know what the KISS principle is and I can use it. 

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But first ...
How well did you study?

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Translation of:

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Translation of:

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Translation of:

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Translation of:

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Reading - during reading
  • We'll read the text "Plain speaking is no joke" on page 120 together. 

  • During reading: look for two quotes that explain the title

  • Highlight these during reading. 

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Rules for paraphrasing:
  • Use your own words.
  • Don't repeat sentence structure or copy words. Instead, vary the sentence structure and use a combination of synonyms and alternative phrases.
  • Don't add new information to your paraphrase. Stick to the original ideas and main points.

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Reading - after reading
  • Any difficult words?

  • Paraphrase the quotes you just highlighted in your own words

  • To paraphrase: to rewrite (in your own words). 

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How did you paraphrase the quote?
Please submit your answer here.

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Working individually 
  • Please work on the following exercises individually. Please work in silence, no music (no earbuds/AirPods/headphones).
  • Exercise 17: Read the text on bad instructions. Rewrite the instructions into good instructions. Write in English. 
  • Exercise 20: Write the verbs between brackets in the correct form of passive (This exercise is similar to the one on the test). 
  • Done? Work on exercises 22 and 23. 

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Last lesson before the break: 

We will revise all the grammar we've discussed so far. 

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