9.2.6 Nazi Germany prepares for war -TEACH-

AGE 9. The Time of World Wars
9.2.6. Nazi Germany prepares for War

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AGE 9. The Time of World Wars
9.2.6. Nazi Germany prepares for War

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The main question that is answered in this lesson:
How did Hitler manage to break the rules of the Treaty of versailles one by one, adding territory to Germany, and building up an enormous army....


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Hitler's territorial goals:
To reach these goals, Hitler would have to break several of the Treaty of Versailles rules.
By doing this, Germany risked another war with Britain and France
  1. Heim ins Reich
  2. German autarky
  3. Lebensraum (im Osten)

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people in this lesson
Benito Mussolini
Adolf Hitler
Edouard Daladier
Neville Chamberlain
Great Britain

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How was Hitler going to do that?
By testing the allied leaders; see what he could get away with,
presuming the Allied leaders were "spineless", lacking the will and strength to stop Hitler.

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Step 1: get back the Saar region

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Step 2: conscription and rearmament

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Step 3: remilitarise the Rhineland

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Step 4: Anschluss with Austria

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Step 5: use Munich Conference to get the Sudetenland 

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Goal of the conference: find a peaceful solution for the Sudetenland crisis.

Not invited: Stalin and Czech prime minister.
Why? They would never give Hitler what he wanted. Therefore: no peaceful solution

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  • The outcome: England and France gave Hitler what he wanted.
  • In return Hitler promised that he had no more territorial claims.
"Peace in our time!"

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Step 6: Germany annexes the rest of Czechoslovakia

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Why did the Allies not stop Hitler?
  • England and France followed a policy of APPEASEMENT.
  • This was: the policy of Britain and France to give in to Hitler's demands because they believed this was the best way to keep the peace in Europe.

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more reasons for appeasement:
  • England and France were not ready to start a new war.
  • They did not want to repeat the horrors of WW1
  • Maybe the Treaty of versailles was too harsh for Germany
  • At least Hitler stood up against communism

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Germany prepares for war 
copy and fill in the overview to create your own summary

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