GC1 5. Travel Magazine

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A travel magazine for teenagers
Imagine you are going on a trip abroad somewhere within the EU. Which highlights do you want to see? Where will you spend the night? How will you get there? Is there a lovely restaurant you are looking forward to visiting?

The SDG 17 is for sharing partnership and knowledge: For the purpose of this assignment, this could be a trip to a World Heritage site, a protected monument or a National Park, is there something like this in "your chosen country"?

You would probably go to the bookstore to buy a travel guide. Well now you are going to create one yourself! 

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In a group of 3 students you are going to write a travel magazine for teenagers about a European country.

You have 2 minutes to make groups!

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Choose your country
Note: This can’t be a city or a part of the country and YOU MAY NOT CHOOSE the Netherlands. Each groups needs to have an different country.
Make sure that your teacher approves your chosen country BEFORE you make a start!

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What is important in a travel magazine?

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Step 1:
* search for information about you country
* How much of that information do you want to include in you magazine?
* divide up the tasks in your group, make clear agreements about who will be responsible for a certain task.

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To start
- Front page: Title of the magazine and name/class of the pupils who created it.
- Index page: chapter names and page numbers.
- Introduction: Why should someone visit the country. An opinion written from your groups point a view (min. 200 words)

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What else?
- General information about the country; language, currency, religion, size of population, bio-diversity (the landscape and natural environment) etc.
- History of the country. Give correct information in paragraphs. You can also include a time line.

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Now your own suggestions
- Highlights, top 10 (of your own choice) + information about these highlights (min. 150 words per item).
- Include a map of the country (on which you can find the highlights too)
- Flight, hotel and restaurant information $-$$-$$$ (cheap to luxurious)
- Other activities you can take part in. (sport/art/ amusement park etc.)
- What is the best way to travel through the country (train, bus, car etc.)
- If your country is fairly big you can also decide to make a tour through the country visiting all highlights.

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What will we look for?
- Make sure your travel guide is neat.
- Use pictures/ maps/ drawings.
- Teamwork is important, make sure the roles are equally divided.
- Make sure you all upload your document to the Simulise!!

And don't for get to mention any used sources! Use your own words, don't copy random information from google! Sources from pictures also need to mentioned.

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Front or cover from a travel magazine
example of an article in a travel magazine

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When does the magazine need to be finished?
You and your group have 4 weeks to finish your magazine. Which is 8 lessons! 
Use your time wisely!

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