V5 20-21 Power & Glory: Part One & 2

Power and Glory, part 1 and 2
- Main characters (perspectives)
- Setting: Mexican Revolution
-Language (cinomatic descriptions)
-Plot, themes, symbolism
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Power and Glory, part 1 and 2
- Main characters (perspectives)
- Setting: Mexican Revolution
-Language (cinomatic descriptions)
-Plot, themes, symbolism

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Mexican history 1910-1930

listen to video + take notes

1. Why a revolution?
2. important names?
3. which system?
4. what happened in 1920s?
5. what was banned?

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Slide 3 - Video

Drawing of setting (first pages)

Slide 4 - Open vraag

Give a summary of
chapter 1 and 2 (20 words)

Slide 5 - Open vraag

Character tree/map
Main characters + relationships

Slide 6 - Open vraag

Read p 12 (bottom > Mr Tench at river) and p 13: why cinomatic in description?

Slide 7 - Open vraag

What mood is reflected here?

Slide 8 - Woordweb

Themes, plot, symbolism
- abandonment; hate, freedom, love
- develops> a journey starts (ship/priest)
-symbolic: darkness: priest missed boat
light, stars> girl free at sea
(opposing moods/changes of perspective)

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Part One, unit 2
- setting: the Capital: station, prison, river, plaza
- young men in red shirts
- The lieutenant > polished, neat, (contrast)
-prisoners: why? 
-Governor <> Chief: priest is wanted, problem?

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Other characters in chapter 2 (One)
priest > Conception, American seminary, born Carmen, on the run
-lieutenant > hates church, why? ideals? pp 18/19
-James Calver: gringo, why on the run?

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Woman and family > story of Young Yuan
- What is she reading to children?
- the book reflects themes in P & G: persecution
-the son's questions: why upsetting to mum?
- saint/martyrdom <> human fallibility
- baptized Brigitta (p 22): why odd?

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Padre Jose (p 23-25)
- What is he like? Why seen as traitor?
- real martyrdom for him =
worthy of damnation: Why?  gift!
-children > mocking, (church a laughing stock)
"little pink eyes like those of a pig conscious of the slaughter-room" = 
"no respect left for him > abandonment

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Chapter 3: The River
- Captain Fellows> mood? character?
"never felt more happy than in wartime France"
(ravaged landscape, trenches, vultures)
Family? Wife/Carol) 
- themes: fear, taboos, love, hate, pretence

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Coral, policeman
- Why does Carol dislike policeman/lieutenant?
-Why must priest be reported? (p30)
- how did lieutenant get rid of contempt?
- Why smell a rat? What had Carol refused?
"what a religion, begging for brandy"

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Is Carol religious, how do you know?

Slide 16 - Woordweb

Little poor village p 37
- how is priest welcomed?
"soldiers were here yesterday" > expresses..
what do villagers want <> what does the priest want? (contrast, rituals)
Why confessions? "He is a very holy father"

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Chapter 4: The Bystanders
-Mr Tench > writing a letter, reflects on his life
- padre Jose: temptation to do what?
- the family: darkening clouds > president Calles > anti Catholic laws
- discussion father and boy: holy book reflects..

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The Fellows
-Carol and mum: reading what?
Carol > do you believe there's a God? reaction:
-bananas still in the store, no orders given...
Carol: sudden pain > new! 
"childhood draining out of her"> responsibility

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Chief of Police/Lieutenant
-Sunday> shops closed at noon> relic of past
-lieutenant's task: get priest
"a little blood never hurt anyone" > theme?
-boy<>lieuteant: unsatisfiable love, why?
"they deserved nothing less than the truth" =

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Which characters feature in Part One?

Slide 21 - Open vraag

Wrap up
- Read Part One and Two> take notes
- Do: questions on ELO
Test: Friday 8 January
recap/questions: lesson 1 that week

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