The waterghost of Harrowby Hall

The Water ghost of Harrowby Hall
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The Water ghost of Harrowby Hall

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1. The subtitle Time M for murder comes from another well knows story. Find the story and the author and write them down.


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2. How many letters do you start out with in scrabble and what can you do with a blank tile?
3. What is a ‘smug’ expression. Please explain it in English
4. Look up what a clipper is.
5. Where is Mount Kilimanjaro located and why is it so famous?

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Kilimanjaro is very popular with both experienced hikers and first time adventurers because it is considered to be the easiest of the seven summits. ... Kilimanjaro stands on its own. Kilimanjaro is not only Africa's tallest peak, but also the world's tallest free standing mountain.

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6. What does the word Jinxed mean? Explain in English
7. Write down the names of the other Tellytubbies
8. What is the word for a word that has multiple meanings? (e.g. the letter B and the insect a bee and the verb to fly and the insect) 

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9. Who do we measure the strength of earthquakes and what is the highest it can go?
10. Watch the following video
Does the man deserve to die?

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• Why is it typical that he chokes in the letter B? 
cousin Harold died when he swallowed a bee (an insect)

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Do you believe a house can
be haunted?
I am not sure

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Do you believe in ghosts?
I am not sure

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Have you ever felt the presence of a supernatural being?
I am not sure

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Haunted Britain
One in four British people (39%) believe that a house can be haunted by some kind of supernatural being, and almost as many (34%) think that ghosts actually exist.

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een essentieel onderdeel 
je uiterste best doen
walgelijk / giftig
haunted house
sine qua non
to do you utmost

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1+2: What time of the year does the ghost appear and how long does it stay?

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3. How did the owners try to prevent the ghost from appearing?

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8. Describe what the ghost looks like.

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4+5 What does the ghost do? and what happens to the owners (what effect does she have?)

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6. What does the ghost do when the room is empty?

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7.What does it mean when everything got a ducking?

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9.Mention 3 ways the water ghost prevents the owner from staying warm

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10.+11. How long has she haunted Harrowby Hall? Does she like to haunt Harrowby Hall?

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12. Explain: “My humor is drier than yours will ever be.”

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14. Why did she commit suicide and who was to blame?

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13. Why does she have to haunt Harrowby Hall?

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15. Why is she a water ghost?

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16. Why can’t he just sell the place?

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17. What happened to the owner of Harrowby Hall?

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18. Where is his son and what happens?

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19. What are the consequences financially?

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20. What are the consequences socially?

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21. Whom does he try to persuade to stay in the room on Christmas eve?

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22.+23. Explain his first scheme to get rid of the ghost. Why will this never work?

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24.+25. How does the owner prepare for his second scheme? And what's the plan?

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26. How does the ghost’s character change?

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27. What will he do with the ghost afterwards?

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If you want to learn more about Britain's ghost stories: 

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