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EnglishSecondary Education

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What is the lesson about?

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- Identify the meaning of new vocab
- Read for general and specific information

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What are these people doing?

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What do these people have in common?

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How are these older people different from the other people of their age?

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How old do you think the oldest person in the world is?

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Do you know any places in the world where people tend to live longer than average?

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What factors play a major role in a long and healthy life? Are they related to the environment or

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How do people in your country view elders? Do they treat them differently?

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What kind of places are famous for people who live long and healthy lives? Give reasons for
your answer.
A mountainous areas
B deserts
C coastal areas
D islands
E cities/towns
F villages
G other

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What do you think day-to-day life is like in these places?

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What kind of diet do people in these places have?

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What do you think the environment is like?

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Who is trying to find out about longevity?

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Why might they want to know such “secrets”?

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What does the noun longevity mean?
health researchers
a hundred different ages
many years between birth and death
old people in the mountains

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What is the meaning of the noun altitude?
vertical distance from sea level
dying at an early age
living a long time
having a full head of hair and healthy teeth

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What is an environment in this paragraph?
clean air and water
a healthful place in the desert
unnatural or extreme atmospheric conditions
the conditions of a place that influence people What

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What two things can an environment have?

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Where might an environment be?

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Were Tsurba and Shirali inhabitants of or visitors to the mountains?

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Are inhabitants people, places, things, or actions?

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Who are the inhabitants of a place?
people that live there
people that visit there in summer
people that study the environment in that region
hardworking, physically active farmers

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What is the meaning of the verb inhabit?
to make an action difficult
to work during the day in a place
to have scientific interests in common
to live in (a region or area)

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What kinds of temperatures are not moderate?

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What is the meaning of the adjective moderate?
very hot and very cold
not extreme; in the middle
related to the air and water of a region
of the modern world

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If an environment has clean water, is the water polluted?

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What do high mountain streams bring to a healthful environment?

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What is high in minerals?

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What does the adjective unpolluted mean?
dirtying of the earth and air
high in preservatives and chemicals
having a lot of vitamins and minerals
not containing unhealthful substances

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What are high mountain streams?
small rivers of moving water
regions with little serious disease
widows that keep birth records for communities
to move a lot from one place to another

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What do populations contain?

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What are populations?
members of government
ideas that are widespread
all of the people living in specific areas
kinds of freedom from worry

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Do all health experts believe that certain populations have unusual longevity?

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What don’t these long-lived people have?

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What does the adjective valid mean?
officially legal or accepted
of high value in the community
to prove something is correct
of the region of Vilcabamba

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Do certain populations make claims about unusual longevity?

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Do people in these communities believe the claims?

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What is the meaning of the noun claims in this context?
to state something is right and real
attempts to get money that is legally yours
something important about a person
statements about the truth of something but without any proof or evidence

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You are in charge of organizing a summer camp for seniors (ages 60 +). Create a list of activities to include?

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  1. Identifying the meaning and use of new vocab
  2. Getting meaning from context
  3. Listening for specific information
  4. Listening and taking notes 

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Do you go to a health club or a gym? Why? Why not?

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In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of:
doing outdoor activities and sports?

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What is the purpose of the tour?

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The guide would like them to join as gym members before the end of the month.

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