TTO Plenary meeting 23 June 2020

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New colleagues:
Yvonne Brosens
Fleur Boer
Suzanne Lazeroms
Colleague(s) leaving TTO team:
Mirjam Ciggaar
Thank you very much for taking such good care of our pupils!

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NUFFIC - TTO network meeting 
16 June

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Let's reflect: what event/lesson has been most satisfying for you this year?
(e.g. a lesson with CLIL activities, a presentation done by pupils, a show, a trip, an online course, something funny that happened etc.)

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Despite the circumstances, the following events were succesful:
  • Phileas Fogg theatre shows for V1, H1, V4 & V5
  • H3G Berlin Exchange
  • First graduation ceremony H4
  • Graduation ceremony V4 and ex-students
  • Ireland trip V5
  • Junior Speaking Contest Regional Finals
  • Anglia V1
  • And of course...

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The large number of new pupils!!!
Thank you for this accomplishment!

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Important things to take into acount:
  • children haven't had a motivation interview with us
  • should they get stuck (i.e. English proves to be a challenge) it's important that we signal this early on  in the year so that we have time to pinpoint the actual problem and act accordingly (e.g. Cathy may be able to help those pupils)
  • CLIL activities may also be more challenging because of the 1.5 meter distance
  • Activities (excursions, theatre shows) may not have been booked yet

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Have you ever used our new Twinkl site? If so, what did you use it for (examples)? If not, how come?

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Thank you and see you next year! 
Enjoy your holiday and stay safe and healthy!

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