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How are you?

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lesson aims: at the end of class
1. you know the 4 things to pay attention to when writing a formal email
2.  you are able to correctly compose a (formal) email.
2. you are able to correctly open and sign off a formal email.
3. you are able to express yourself more politely in writing by using "would like" and "could" .

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How to write a formal email

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In een formele e-mail is het prima om afkortingen te gebruiken (bijv. I'm , I'll, can't..)

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4 dingen om op te letten bij een formele mail

1. géén verkorte vormen: schrijf alles uit.

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What is a correct way to start a formal email (you do not know who will receive the email)?
Dear Mister/M'am,
Dear Sir/Madam,
Dear sir, madam,
Dear Mr /Mrs

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how do you sign off?

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Dear Sir/Madam, 
Dear Ms Cooper,
Dear Mr Smith


Hi Josie,
Hello Adele,
Hi there Delilah,
Dear John,

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when you do not no the recipient (ontvanger):
Yours faithfully
when you do know them:
Yours sincerely,
Never: greetings!

See you soon, 
Kind regards... 
Never: greetings!

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4 aandachtspunten
1. schrijf alles voluit: géén verkorte vormen.
2. let op een correcte aanhef en afsluiting

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de 3 delen waaruit teksten zijn opgebouwd?

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a formal email contains:
Dear ....
Introduction ( reason for writing)
body (content/inhoud)
signing off

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4 aandachtspunten 
1. geen verkorte vormen: schrijf alles uit
2. let op een correcte aanhef en afsluiting
3. Verdeel je tekst duidelijk in een inleiding, middenstuk en slot.

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Dear Mr Smith
I have read the add in the paper. I want to be a part of your sales team. Can you send me more details?


Harry de Vries

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Be polite
Dear Mr Smith,
I am writing with regard to your add. I would very much like to join your sales team. Could you please provide me with more information?
I hope to hear from you soon.
Yours sincerely,
H. de Vries

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Can you send me a picture? 

I want to go to France.

Do you want some coffee?

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4 aandachtspunten 
1. geen verkorte vormen: schrijf alles voluit
2. zorg voor een correcte aanhef en afsluiting
3. verdeel de tekst in een duidelijke inleiding, middenstuk en slot
4. wees beleefd!

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Check out the handout

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now go to Teams, lesmateriaal
download the file "formal email assignment"
if you like, do the exercises in pairs. Make use of the handouts.

you have 10 mins. to finish them.

When your done, go to for another use of English exercise.

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question one
a. Dear Daniel, Hi Daniel, Hello Daniel
Hope to see you soon/bye/kind regards/all the best 

b. Dear Sir/Madam  Yours faithfully,

c. Hi Mom and Dad, Lots of love/love/See you soon!

d. Dear Ms Jones, Yours sincerely

e. Dear Mr Murphy,  Yours sincerely

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question 2
Could you send me an invitation?
Would you like to come with us?
I would like a bottle of water.
Would you like to meet my family?
Could we go now, please?
I would like an answer as soon as possible. 

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question 3
Introduction:  d   h
Body: c  g  i   k   e
Conclusion: f  j  b a

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Now write the email on Teams
You may use the handout
(15 mins.)

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If you start an email with Dear Sir/Madam, how do you end?
Yours faithfully
Yours sincerely
Best wishes

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The sentence: I'm sorry, but I won't be able to attend the meeting. is best used
In the introduction of a formal mail
in the body of a formal mail
in the conclusion of a formal mail
not at all

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polite form of
I want to come visit you tomorrow

Slide 29 - Open vraag

de 4 aandachtspunten van de formele email

Slide 30 - Open vraag

next week
Writing: dictionaries, feedback and individual tips
Presentation: brainstorm session

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