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You know what prefixes and suffixes are and used for.
You can change a word to other word forms. 

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I didn't do very well with my FCE assignment, I think I will __________ it. (WRITE)

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I was late for school this morning, I was so tired that I ______ (SLEEP)

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It's ______ for children under 16 to work in a factory. (LEGAL)

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The thieves broke in to the bank but they couldn't _________ the door to the safe. (LOCK)

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The hotel was very posh. They even had a butler to____our luggage. (PACK)

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Changing word froms
Adjective-> Adverb = ly (Real -> Really)
Verb -> Noun = ion, ance, y, ence, ment (Decide -> Decision)
Noun -> Adjective= ous, ful, less, ive (Danger -> Dangerous)

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What is the verb of the word: negotiation?

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What is the adjective of the word: offense?

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What is the verb and adverb of

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What is the noun of this word:

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What is the adjective of this word:

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The end

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