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sir David Attenborough showed you a flying frog, lizzard and squirrel. The big difference between the way of "flying" is that the squirrel can create lift in horizontal flight. This series is about "lift"
You are going to study how a plane works, what aerofoil and lift is. And finally you are going to explain what you have learned in an animation  

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How do planes stay airborn and how can they change course?

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From the clip you have learned that planes need lift to stay airborn. Lift is created by aerofoil shape of the wings. 
To proof that you understand the principle of lift you are going to create an animation on the working of a boomerang. You can use any sort of stop motion animation to explain why the boomerang stays in the air and comes back when properly thrown.
The help you in your research, here is a tutorial on how to make a roomerang.
try it its fun and really comes back.

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for your animation..
What you need is the following:

A story; (intro, story, end)
Stuff, clippings or drawings to animate.
A situation scene or a back-drop
An app to make your animation.(Koma dori is a handy one)
A tripod or another thing that makes sure your camera position can be fixed.
Background music or text

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You can use any form of stop motion animation such as drawing, paper animation, clay animation et cetera.
Your clip is between 1,5 and 2 minutes long and it explains clearly the working of a boomerang. Make it worth watching.
Upload the url of your clip in the badge.

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