Mentor lesson - reflecting on Adaptation!

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Today's goal
Today's goal is :

Creating a vlog to reflect on Adaptation and what you learned this time!

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Big Idea: Adaptability is demonstrated by the ability to change, alter or cope with new environments or circumstances.         


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                Step 1 Group discussion:

1 In which subjects did you talk about adaptation and IMYC?
2 What did you learn about adaptation?

Finished? Write your answers on the worksheet

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which subjects were involved?

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Tell your mentor!
What did you learn in your subjects about adaptation?
1 Art...
2 Drama...
3 IF...
4 Geography...
5 History...
6 Biology...

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Step 2: look at yourself

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So how did you do?
Brainstorm these questions and write answers in keywords on your worksheet

1 In which subjects did you need to learn new things you'd never tried before?

2 What do you do when school work is difficult?

3 In which (IMYC) subject are you proud of your results?

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Watch the instruction film!

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Using all of the discussion material and questions you answered
Create a vlog of maximum 90 seconds
Answer the questions from step 4
Get creative - make it fun for us to watch!
Upload in your portfolio before Thursday  6th July @ 16:30!

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Now make         your

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