VWO 6 Writing an essay Class 10 (22-23)

VWO 6 - Writing Class 10
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VWO 6 - Writing Class 10

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Class work
- explanation on essay test week
- what can you bring to the test? 

- start collecting information test week

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Lesson objectives 
  • Ik weet wat ik moet voorbereiden voor de schrijftoets in de toetsweek.
  • Ik heb een onderwerp gekozen en ben aan de slag gegaan met informatie verzamelen. 

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Test week
  • Writing test
  • Writing an argumentative essay 
  • 90 minutes
  • laptop/computer without internet
  • dictionary Dutch-English allowed 
  • You are allowed to use the notes you have made in advance 

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What can you bring? 
  • Arguments written out in key words
    So no complete sentences!  
  • Quotes and/or sources you are going to use 
    You are only allowed to use direct quotes here, you can then paraphrase these during the test if you want
  • Your references 

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What can you not bring? 
  • Written out hooks, background information or thesis statement 
  • Written out topic sentences
  • Written out arguments 
  • Written out summaries, closing sentences
  • So basically, you are not allowed to bring anything that has already been written out in the way you are going to use it during your essay.  

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Other rules: 
  • Your notes can only be one page of length
    (no front and back, including your references, font size 12) 
  • You will have to hand in your notes before Wednesday 28 September 8PM. 
  • If I don't receive any notes before the deadline, you are not allowed to use any information during your test. 
  • The notes will have to be approved by me. These will be returned during class on Thursday 29 September and will have to be altered during this same class. 
  • You are not allowed to bring your own notes during the test. The work you have handed in with me beforehand will be handed out during the test. 

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The topics 
You can choose one of the following topics for your essay: 

  1. Is it a bad idea to use DNA for genealogy?
  2. Is climate change a real threat?
  3. Should every student go to college?
  4. Are there forms of personal expression that shouldn’t be allowed in schools?

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What to do? 
  • Choose your topic. 
  • Get started on finding information to make your arguments. 

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Next class
Time to continue gathering information test week. 

Have a nice day! 

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