1TH Ch7 REFRESH, p.204/205

What is due in this Lesson?
+ Ch 7 is on the menu the coming weeks !

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What is due in this Lesson?
+ Ch 7 is on the menu the coming weeks !

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Ch7 Refresh, p.204/205
Ch 7 is about Formulas.
Learning a lot about them and finally making them yourself.
Before going over to §7.1 the Refresh paragraph is useful to repeat
a very important subject: 
Making Graphs.

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Get organised first!
In order to follow this lesson well:
+ open your Notebook, Textbook, p.204/205
+ take before you a pencil, pen, geo triangle, eraser
+ let's do one task of the Refresh together!

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Making a GRAPH from a TABLE you learned earlier this year.
Quite a few important steps to take, for a good result.
that's why here follows an explanation first

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Think back of how to make a Graph from a Table. 
Several steps have to be taken for this.
Key in ONE important STEP in the next slide!

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Points of attention when drawing a graph from a table.

Slide 6 - Woordweb

Whatever point of attention you all wrote .....
You will probably see them all back in the slide!

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For the coming Task I ask you to get your:
 Notebook and pencil case on your desk!

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Now it's time for you to put into practice making a GRAPH.
+ R2, above, is on p.205
+ on p.204 is the explanation we just went through
+ use the 5 steps plan to make a PERFECT GRAPH now
+ you've got 5 minutes for this task; after this we will look at the Solution
+ get started! 

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-01 om 1

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A few fine points:
+ watch the scale on the vertical axis:
   all points fit in this graph easily!
+ a smooth line, as running is a natural proces
+ making a zigzag does NOT make any sense
    here, as the lowest vertical number is 0 ...

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Homework time
Do Refresh, p. 204/205 now, following the famous 5 steps:
1. make    
2. correct with Solutionsbook
3. take pics  and finally
4. send in in GC

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