new year in 3 religions

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New Year for
Jews, Muslims, Christians

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what is the name for the horn on which Jews blow at Rosh Hasjana?

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How many times do they blow the horn? (type number)

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Where do jews go to pray together?

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What is the name of the last of 10 days after Rosh Hasjana?

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What do jews eat on Rosh Hasjana?

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What is the jewish name for New Year?

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What is the islamic calendar based on? On the cycle of the.....

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Which historic event is the basis for New Year in the islamic calendar?

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In which year did Mohammed go from Mecca to Medina?

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What does the word 'advent' mean literally?

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How many candles are lit during the last sunday before Christmas?

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In which month is the last sunday before advent in the Christian year?

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Which prophet from the Bible is read during Advent?

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