[H5] Period 2: Of Mice and Men - Getting started

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Hi! Welcome to our lesson
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Topic & goals of today’s lesson
  1. Overview of period 2 & 3
  2. Start with material for SE4

  • You know what to expect the following 2 periods
  • You know what SE3, SE4 and SE5 are about
  • You know the background of Of Mice and Men

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Periods 2 and 3
Our focus
SE3: Speaking about Wasp articles and personal questions = in December
SE5: CITO Listening = at the end of January
SE4: Literature = in March

So, in period 2: WaspReporter, Speaking practice, Listening practice & some Literature

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On a scale: how do you expect SE3 Speaking will go?

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On a scale: how do you expect SE5 Listening will go?

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What is your expectation of SE4 (literature) and those lessons?
I absolutely hate it
Don’t really like it
It will be fine
Really looking forward to it

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Of Mice and Men (1937): Getting started

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Inspiration for the novel
When Steinbeck was a young adult, he spent his summer vacations working as a hired hand on local ranches. 

 His interactions with the people he met during those summers greatly influenced the characters he created throughout his career. 

 In an interview about Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck revealed that all the characters in the novel are composites based on real people. 

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Main Characters
 Lennie Small: 
 a nondescript, hulking creature of a man whose childlike mentality continually gets him into scrapes with men who neither respect nor understand him. 

 George Milton: 
 a small, lean man, used to fighting for his place in the world. He oversees and protects Lennie. 

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Other important characters
 Slim: a tall skinner (a highly skilled mule-driver) that serves as a counsellor to the ranch hands.
 Candy: The one-handed ranch worker who has lived past his prime.
 Curley’s wife: never named, she is not respected by the men on the ranch.
 Crooks: the African-American stable buck is called Crooks because of a spinal injury inflicted by a kicking horse.
 Curley: the boss’ son, he possesses a jealous, cruel streak.  

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Of Mice and Men places the reader in Depression-era California, traveling from job to job with two migrant labourers, George Milton and Lennie Small. 

 The novel explores their friendship, in contrast to the isolation and loneliness of their peers, and the way dreams can either motivate or demotivate people. 

 It also addresses a variety of issues, including racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination, that play out against the backdrop of lonely people seeking happiness. 

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The world of 1937

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What are the three themes of
Of Mice and Men?

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Of Mice and Men - Background
You are going to answer nine questions about The World of 1937

Afterwards you should know more about:
The American Dream
The Great Depression
The Dust Bowl

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1. What is the American Dream?
Answer in your own words

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The American Dream
The American Dream is the ideal of equality, liberty and happiness; through hard work everybody is able to improve their lives and achieve that which they deserve based on their abilities. (e.g. rags to riches).

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2. Why is the American Dream so attractive?
You don't need to work hard
It will be given to you
Anyone can achieve it if they work hard
Your family needs to be rich

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3. Is the American Dream in general truly ‘attainable’ by all people?
Yes, working hard makes you rich
No, for some working hard is just to survive
Yes, fair opportunities for everyone
No, only the rich can achieve it

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4. What was the Great Depression?
Answer in your own words

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Great Depression
A worldwide economic crisis starting in America and taking place during the 1930s (1930-1936), following the economic prosperity of the 1920s. 
The crash of the stock market in 1929 is usually referred to as the inciting incident.

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5. What effect did the Great Depression NOT have on the lives of ordinary Americans?
They lost their jobs
They lost their savings
They had to pay more taxes
It caused extreme poverty

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6. How did the Great Depression NOT change American society?
People lost hope in the American dream
Resulted in subsidizing pensions and aids
Government became protector of well-being
The government gained more influence

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7. What was the Dust Bowl?
Answer in your own words

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The Dust Bowl
A period of drought and dust storms; because of the farming practices in the Midwest and lack of rain the land dried out and harvest was minimal. 
The dry soil was easily picked up by the wind, causing clouds and storms of dust. 

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8. What effect did the Dust Bowl have on the lives of farmers?
(2 possible answers)
Their animals died
No rain = hardly any harvest
They left towards the West
They became sick

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9. How did the events of Great Depression and the Dust Bowl challenge the concept of the American Dream?
Working hard wasn't enough anymore
People needed help from the government
People lost their jobs = can't work hard
People lost their homes = no safe place/dream

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Finishing up
You know:

Why the novel is called Of Mice and Men
The three main themes
Background information on the world of 1937

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What now?
You are now ready to read the novel Of Mice and Men
We will read most parts in class (handout), but the PDF can also be found on your Google Classroom

You need to read Chapter 1

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Read Chapter 1 of Of Mice and Men (p3-18) for next week.

Good Luck! 

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