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Monday 5th of June: Presentation RE
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Monday 5th of June: Presentation RE

Slide 1 - Tekstslide

- What is a good presentation?
                         - Examples
                         - Criteria
- Presentation Assignment
- Prepare Presentation

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What makes a good

Slide 3 - Woordweb

Slide 4 - Video

Write down as many tips as you can remember from the video!

Slide 5 - Open vraag


Slide 6 - Video

Give Ranjit feedback. Be clear but do try to give constructive criticism (opbouwende kritiek)

Slide 7 - Open vraag

What did Ranjit improve?

Slide 8 - Open vraag

This is me! (1)
In June you will all give a short presentation about who you are. In this presentation you will look at yourself in a more philosophical way. This means you will not only discuss the more obvious things (looks, hobbies, sports) but also the values and morals. In short who you really are and what makes you different from other people. 

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This is me! (2)
In the presentation you will answer the following questions: 
1. Who are you for real? Give a complete description of yourself: character traits, what you like to do, what makes you different from others, what makes you unique?
2. How do other people see you? Have a short interview with someone who knows you well (friend, parent, brother/sister). Reflect on the interview: what was nice to hear? What surprised you about what you heard? Do other people see you different than you see yourself?
3. Which object/painting/drawing/piece of music show us who you are? Explain why. 
4. Show us your symbolic self portrait. Tell us what this portrait tells us about you  but also think about what this tells us about your life philosophy and views on life (or religion if you are religious). 

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  • You presentation will be 4 to 5  minutes
  •  If you show a music video it can not be longer than 1/2 minute
  • You need to use a PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. to support your presentation. 
  • You can have a small note with keywords
  • Your presentation is in correct English 

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Schedule 1b
Thursday 15/6: 
Thursday 19/6: 
Monday 22/6: 

Share your PowerPoint, Prezi before by sending it to me via chat/e-mail.

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Start working on the presentation

You will find the assignment on Teams

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Assessment criteria - Beoordelingscriteria
1. All questions need to be answered completely
2. It meets the requirements (previous page)

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Schedule 1a
Thursday 19/1: Sara, Amelie, Mina, Max, Mitchell, Jamie-Lynn
Thursday 23/1: Shaidey, Hajar, Sam, Samir, Labib, Ener
Monday 26/1: Mohammed, Selena, Milan, Tirza, Nathan

(Thursday 26/1: )
Share your PowerPoint, Prezi before by sending it to me via chat/e-mail. 

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