V4 - Past Perfect

Past Perfect
Grammar §2.4
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Past Perfect
Grammar §2.4

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- What is the past perfect?
- When do you use the past perfect?
- When do you use the past simple vs. the past perfect?

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Past Perfect
Had + past participle

I had slept.
She had been.

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Past Perfect 1
To show that one action was finished when another began.
  • I apologised because I had left my money at home.
  • I watched TV after I had done my homework

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Past Perfect 2
To show that at some point in the past, an action or situation had been going on for a while.
  • When I started working at that supermarket, I had worked in a restaurant for two years.
  • They had known each other for six months when they got married.

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Let's practise
Fill the correct form of the verbs into the gaps. Use the past perfect or the past simple.

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After they ____ (eat) the shellfish, they began to feel sick.

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When I ____ (arrive) at the cinema, the film ____ (start).

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The lights went off because we _____ (not pay) the electricity bill.

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She ____ (watch) a video after the children ____ (go) to bed.

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They ____ (ride) their bikes before they ____ (meet) their friends.

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You will be given a situation. Come up with a cause and a consequence of the situation, then make a grammatically correct sentence using the past perfect for each, either individually or with your neighbour.

Example: I had a fight with my sister last month
Cause: I had a fight with my sister last month because she had borrowed my bike and scratched it.
Consequence: I had had a fight with my sister, so I didn't talk to her for three days.

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I was very tired.

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I was completely broke.

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Please do ...
Unit 2.4 ex. 16 and 17. 
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