ATL Research: Communicate information & ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of

ATL: Research - Media literacy skills
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ATL: Research - Media literacy skills

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La tarea
The context: 
You recently went on a trip to a Latin American country with your friends. As part of the Global Citizenship programme, you want to share the following information and experiences:
  • location of the country visited (South America, Central America, etc)  
  • the capital of the country
  • population of the country
  • geographical features
  • main products 
  • languages spoken  
  • activities you did there
  • other information (typical food, currency, etc...)

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La tarea
In order to develop and demonstrate the ATL skill, you will research the aforementioned information on a Spanish-speaking country using a variety of media and present it to the class in a format of your choice according to the target audience. You will complete the task in groups of 3 as follows:   
  1. Brainstorm where to find information, target audiences & text types
  2. Research information based on Step 1
  3. Put the research together in a format with the audience in mind 
  4. Present to class (Part 1 in English, Part 2 in Spanish)
  5. Class evaluation using Google Form

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Remind students to:
  • make a note of who researches what, and also what media they use in their research
  • put their research together in a format with audience and purpose in mind
  • demonstrate their ATL skill during the presentation to class (so include media used, how it connects to target audience and purpose etc.)
  • evaluate their peers' work appropriately 
Step 1. Where can you find information needed for the task?

Slide 4 - Mind map

podcasts, blogs, tourist/travel websites, government websites, songs, posters, advertising etc.
Step 1. Who might your target audience be? Think of the task's context & purpose!

Slide 5 - Mind map

  • all students 
  • teachers
  • Spanish students 
  • Primary students
  • Secondary students 
Step 1. Which format do you think would be the most suitable for your target audience and purpose?
Choose from: poster, vlog, blog, article, video, slides, etc.

Slide 6 - Open question

  • poster
  • video
  • podcast
  • presentation
2. Research
Now conduct your research in your group, using the various media we identified in the previous task.

Remember to reference your work, and make a note of who researches what! (you'll need this for the presentation)

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3. Put it together and what have you got?
You're now going to put your research together in a format of your choice for a target audience of your choice...

Remember your purpose and chosen audience will affect your choice of format... Will you share your Global Citizenship experiences via a poster in the classroom, or on the digital screens? Via a vlog, or a presentation?

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Remind students of how purpose, target audience and text type are all linked. One affects the others and vice versa. 

Remind them to make is visual!
4&5: Presentation & evaluation
Presenters: You're now going to present your chosen format and target audience to the class:
1) Explain in English your chosen format, target audience, and media used in research
2) Present your research in Spanish 
Listeners: You're going evaluate each group's ATL skill using the Google Form on the following slide...

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SE Teams
1. Kate, Marin, Nell
2. Marvin, Eliott, Temuri
3. Rohan, Nathan, Sankalp, Adit
4. Rishaan, Carson, Romeo
5. Emily, Lindi, Lea

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MAIN teams
1. Isla, Alessandro, Edoardo
2. Matyas, Ke, Nil
3. Arya,  Anna, Gus
4. Sean, William, Mahdiya
5. Beatrice, Ananya, Edan
6. Atreya, Oliver, Ishaan
7. Matei, Jack, Yotam

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