Rainforest + North pole

Rainforest + North pole
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Rainforest + North pole

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Next week you've got a small test (SO) of paragraph 1 + 2

- Today we'll do some repetition
- You can check homework and/or ask questions
- We'll take a look at paragraph 6 (depending on time)
- We'll play your games!

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Paragraph 1: the tropical rainforest
1) They're in the tropics. The tropics are close to the equator, between 23.5 degrees northern and southern latitude. Temperature is 25-30 degrees celcius year round + around 2000 mm of rainfall a year
2) Rain forests are heterogeneous forests
3) Vegetation (plants) grow in different layers
4) Plants and trees are green year round

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Page 31
Three important questions in geography:




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Paragraph 2: the North pole
Landscapes South to North:

1) The temperate zone (where we are now)
2) Coniferous forest (taiga)
3) Tundra
4) Land ice (fixed)
5) Sea ice (on the move in summer)

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Paragraph 2: the North pole
Within the tundra landscape:

the temperature's never higher than 10 degrees C
there are no trees, just small plants
winter lasts for 9 months a year
you have permafrost - ever lasting frost

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Paragraph 2: the North pole
Further up North, in the heart of the polar region:

the temperature never rises above 0 degrees C
there are no plants at all - just snow
land and sea ice can form

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Three important questions in geography:




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You can go check your homework now - whatever's not done yet -
Or ask me some questions!

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Paragraph 6
Let's read!

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Let's play your games!
Get your own game, then give it and explain the rules to your neighbors (IN ENGLISH) and play the game!

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So next week:
SO paragraph 1 & 2 + notes

Good luck!

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