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The Passive (present simple, past simple)

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Grammar: Passive
Present simple: am/are/is + voltooid deelwoord

Active : The gardener waters the flowers every evening.

Passive: The flowers are watered by the gardener every evening. 

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Active to passive
Simple present (active)
Vorm: hele werkwoord (+s bij he/she/it)

She cleans the room every day.
Simple present (passive)
Vorm: am/are/is + voltooid deelwoord

The room is cleaned every day.

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Active to passive
Past simple (active)
Vorm: hele werkwoord + (e)d

She cleaned the room last week.
Past simple (passive)
Vorm: was/were + voltooid deelwoord

The room was cleaned last week.

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Use past simple passive:
The film ...................(shoot) in Texas.
was shooting
was shot

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Make a passive (use present simple):
Lots of books ... (buy) by my father every year.
are bought
is bought
were bought
have been bought

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Use past simple passive:
The school 1991.( build)
was being built
was built

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