Welcome back
M van den Dolder
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Welcome back
M van den Dolder

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Double class
1st  half: get used to English again + getting to know one another
2nd half: 

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Expectations in class
Be polite
Do your work
Bring everything you need
Take accountability for your own work and progress.
Be quiet when teacher or classmate speaks
No phones unless you need them for an assignment

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Speed dating
Write down 5 things that you can tell about yourself in English.
Write down 3 questions that you can ask anyone.

Make an inner circle + outer circle
45 seconds each: Talk about yourself. The other person can ask question. 

Aims: 1. getting to know your classmates better
2. Getting used to speaking English again.

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Did you meet the goal?
Aim 1: getting to know your classmates better


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Did you meet the goal?
Aim 2: getting used to speaking English again

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Creative letter writing
Your class will be divided into pairs.
Write a letter to the person you were matched with. +/- 350 words

Include the following:
  • Some personal details (who are you, where do you live, hobbies)
  • What do you feel is important in life?
  • Do you have any resolutions for this school year?
  • What would you like to know about te classmate you're working with?
  • Pay attention to form, spelling, capital letters, proper start and ending.
  • Read the letter that was written for you. 
  • Hand in the letter that you wrote through Teams, so your teacher can read it.


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Creative letter writing - follow up
Speaking assignment
  • Give your classmate two sincere compliments about the letter they wrote.
  • Answer the question(s) that your classmate asked you in the letter.

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Time for a break

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What do you hope to do/learn this year regarding English?

Slide 10 - Open question

This year
Work towards B1 level for productive & receptive skills
(Using business partner B2 + portfolio + other activities)
- Centraal Examen lezen en luisteren B1

- 3rd year: vocational (=beroepsspecifiek) examen Engels, in which you show the communication skills that an account manager needs to have.

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What you need
  • Book
  • MyEnglishLab
  • Laptop (+charger)
  • Word
  • Pen
  • Earpods/headphones
  • Planner (booklet)

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My English Lab activeren
  • In je boek (binnenkant kaft) staat stapsgewijs uitgelegd hoe je registreert voor MyEnglishLab
  • Maak een account aan met je studentenmail
  • Voeg een product toe met gebruik van de code in je boek. 
  • Als je je account/boek hebt geactiveerd, moet je nog naar de juiste groep. Dit doe je door rechts te klikken op 'tot klas toetreden'. Vul vervolgens deze code in: 3FXF-VWCK
    (klik indien nodig eerst op Cursus/Course om bij de opdrachten te komen)
  • Ga naar interactive workbook Unit 1 en begin met Vocabulary Exercise 1

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Unit 1 Corporate Culture
Discuss assignment 1 (page 8)
Think about the culture in The Netherlands, but also discuss the culture in your internship company.

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Watch this video.
While watching do assignment 3.
Discuss assignment 4

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Make sure My English Lab works.
Finish assignments from class.

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