Bridging the gap - lesson 2: present simple

lesson 2: present simple
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lesson 2: present simple

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Lesson plan
  • Homework check: to be 
  • Present simple 
      - explanation
      - practice 
      - homework next week

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Homework check 
To be worksheet!

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Present simple
  •  what do you remember?
  • explanation 
  • practice 
  • homework next week

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My daily routine
The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is take a shower. Then I walk to the kitchen where I make myself a delicious breakfast and prepare lunch for later that day. Next up, I cycle to school (Mondial), which takes about 20 minutes from where I live. At Mondial College I teach a few classes, do some other work and prepare the lessons for my upcoming classes. As soon as I am finished doing that, I hop on my bicycle and go home. When I get home, I decide what I want to eat that night and go to Albert Heijn to do some groceries. In the evening I either go to football practice or meet up with a friend to eat dinner together and watch a movie.

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How do we call these
bold words?

Slide 7 - Mind map

what is present simple?

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What is present simple?
= tegenwoordige tijd 

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Present simple met deze ww
  • to be
  • can 
  • have got

    Staat een van deze werkwoorden in de zin? Dan is het makkelijk!
    kijk maar --> 

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Present simple met deze ww
- to be
- can 
- have got
I can
I can't
can I?
you can
you can't
can you?
he/she/it can
he/she/it can't
can he/she/it?
we can
we can't 
can we?
they can
they can't
can they?
you can
you can't 
can you? 

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Staat er een ander werkwoord?
Dan moeten we bij het maken van een ontkenning en een vraag een ander werkwoord erbij pakken: 
Dit werkwoord zetten we dan in de ontkkening of vooraan in de zin bij een vraag 

kijk maar --> 

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Present simple: regelmatige ww
I walk
I don't walk
do I walk?
you walk
you don't walk
do you walk?
he/she/it walks
He/she/it doesn't walk
does he/she/it walk?
we walk
We don't walk
Do we walk
they walk
They don't walk
do they walk?
you walk 
You don't walk
Do you walk?

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What is the shit-rule?

Slide 14 - Mind map

He/She/IT --> werkwoord + s 

 he walks
she buys

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Oefen zinnen! 
Vul in de volgende slides de juiste vorm van het werkwoord in. Soms moet je de zin in een ontkenning zetten of deze vragend maken. Lees goed!

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1. I usually (go) ________ to school by bike.

Slide 18 - Open question

2. Tom (work) __________ every day.

Slide 19 - Open question

3. Martha and Kevin (swim/not)_________ twice a week

Slide 20 - Open question

4. (He/tell)________ us funny stories?

Slide 21 - Open question

Homework next week 
Worksheet present simple

Answer the questions and upload it on padlet!

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