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Past simple - past continuous
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Past simple - past continuous

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When do we use the past continuous?

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Past continuous
- the action started and finished in the past 
- an activity was in progress for some time, not just for a moment.

*** What were you doing at 8 p.m. last night? I was studying.
*** I was cooking all day.
*** We were cleaning the house all morning.

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Past simple or past continuous? 
Past simple 
Past continuous
Last week, I sang a song.
Yesterday I was singing during the whole day! 
Verb + ed
did / didn't + verb
Last week, he had pizza for dinner.
was / were + verb + ing
The baby was sleeping this morning. 
My parents didn't like the song.
you were dancing all night!

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past simple or past continuous?

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Two tenses in one sentence:
Past simple & continuous in one sentence:
I was sleeping when my mom called me.

Past continuous used twice:
My brother was watching tv while my sister was doing the dishes

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While I was walking home, I _____ a new shop on Green Street.
was noticing

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While I was washing the dishes, I suddenly ____ a brilliant idea.
was having

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____________ what you were looking for in the library yesterday?
Were you finding
Did you find

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Any questions?

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And now...
Creative assignment
+ questions about wonder

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Well Done!

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