VWO 5 Of Course unit 2 lesson 1 (3)

VWO 5 Of Course unit 2 lesson 1
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VWO 5 Of Course unit 2 lesson 1

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Class work
  • Explanation presentations 

Independent work
  • Finish 'lesson 1'

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Lesson objectives
  • I know what to prepare for the presentations. 
  • I have had time to finish my week task. 

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Presentation - general information
  • You present in pairs
  • You present for five minutes per person (10 minutes in total) 
  • You present in English 
  • You use a presenting program during your presentation (Powerpoint, Prezi, Google presentations, etc.) 
  • You are allowed to use cue cards during your presentation (no complete texts, no Ipad or mobile phones) 
What is a cue card?
A cue card is a small piece of paper that contains information which will guide you through your presentation. A cue card can only include key words/phrases, no complete texts. You can have a cue card for each slide of your presentation, so that you have a good overview when to talk about what. 

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Your presentation
  • No complete sentences in Powerpoint, only key words/phrases
  • Use pictures/photos to clarify your points 
  • Include at least the following slides: 
1. title slide (including your subject, names, class) 
2. content slide (overview of your presentation) 
3. subslides (in which you discuss all information) 
4. 'are there any questions?' slide 

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Presentation - the topic 
  • You are going to present about an English-speaking country

  • Everybody has to choose another subject (first come, first served) 
  • It has to be an English speaking country

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Presentation - the topic
You are going to have to talk about the following points (at the least): 
  1. Facts: population, size, capital city, flag, religions, etc. 
  2. History: most important historical events of the country; include how this country ended up speaking English
  3. Tourist hotspots
  4. Why would / wouldn't you want to visit this country? Include clear argumentation!
  5. Discussion of two cities: give facts, include what (you think) is interesting about these cities, give argumentation why you chose these two cities

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  • The presentations will be in weeks 48 and 49
  • I will make a schedule
  • Missing your presentation means you've missed a test (SE gemist) 
  • There will be an extra class in which everybody who has missed their presentation will have to present 

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What to do? 
  • Make pairs
  • Decide on a topic (hand in with me, first come first served) 
  • Continue with week task 
  • Work on presentation 
Do: exercise 1 to 15 + Test Yourself
Study: study box lesson 2.1 En-Du + Du-En

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... we've talked about the presentations.
... you've made pairs and decided on a topic.
... you had time to finish your week task.

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Next class...
... the week objectives will be checked
... we'll start on lesson 2. 

Have a nice weekend! 

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