2020-09-07 Welcome Section A and B

M. Fraanje-Griffioen
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M. Fraanje-Griffioen

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  • Signing up on LessonUp, use class code: geahn
  • 10 minutes of reading (no book? Go to this website, sign up and start reading, class code is HMCDB9DW).
  • Explanation of Welcome Section A and B for those who need it.

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Present Simple/Present Continuous
Present Simple
You use walk(s), swim(s), etc. when it is a fact or when it happens every week/year/month, sometimes or never (when it is a habit). 
You add an ‘s’ with HE/SHE/IT. 
My sister (she) walks to school every day..
You walk to school every day. 

Present Continuous
You use am/are/is walking, working, etc. when something is happening now, at this moment.
 Look! She is walking to school!
Where is Jim? He is working.

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Present Simple/Present Continuous
Questions and negatives
Present Simple: Use do/does with the whole verb
Do you like chocolate?                             I don’t like chocolate.
Does your mother like chocolate?     My mother doesn’t like chocolate.

Present continuous:
Are you enjoying the lesson?              I’m not enjoying the lesson. 
Is he playing tennis right now?          He isn’t playing tennis right now.

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Past Simple

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Past Simple
Past Simple = The past tense that is finished.
I worked as a teacher last year.
I was at a great party yesterday.
I lived in Berlin a couple of years ago.

You do this by adding – ed at the end of the verb: 
work -> worked        live -> lived         play -> played  cry -> cried

Questions and negatives: Use did with the whole verb
Did you work at the McDonalds last year?          She didn't work at the McDonalds last year
IRREGULAR VERBS: 2nd word! (fly-flew-flown)

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Make sure you finish all exercises of the welcome section by TUESDAY. You are free to plan it yourself. On Wednesday you will have a Check which you need to pass (no mark).

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