SB Unit 7: Non-defining relative clauses and Developing vocabulary

Non-defining relative clauses and Developing vocabulary
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Non-defining relative clauses and Developing vocabulary

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- 10 minutes of silent reading
- SB Developing vocabulary
- WB Listening
- SB Non-defining relative clauses
- WB Developing vocabulary

Have you handed in SE Writing: Phase 4 yet?!

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Read your novel

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Developing vocabulary
Turn to SB p. 87

Take 10 minutes to do exercises 1 - 3 with your neighbour.

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WB Listening
Turn to WB p. 61

Take a look at the photos in exercise 3 and listen to the track. Are the statements in exercise 5 true or false?

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SB Grammar
Turn to SB p. 90

Remember the defining relative clauses?
Today we're going to talk about the non-defining relative clauses.

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Non-defining relative clauses
In a non-defining clause, the information given is not essential. It tells us more about someone or something, but it does not help us to identify them or it (by the way, ...).
Some important aspects of a non-defining relative clause:
- They are always separated from the rest of the sentence by commas (brackets).
- In non-defining clauses, you can't use that instead of who, whom, which.
- You can't leave out the relative pronoun, even when it is the object of the verb in the relative clause.

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Non-defining relative clause
Defining relative clause
James Naismith, who was born in Canada, was working at a YMCA school.
It needed to be a sport which would keep students fit.
The man who invented it was James Naismith.
Naismith went to Berlin, where the games took place that year.
In 1936, when Naismith was 75 years old, basketball officially became part of the Olympic Games.
Naismith was working in Massachusetts, which is really cold in the winter.

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Which clauses have commas?
defining relative clauses
non-defining relative clauses

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Can we omit the relative pronouns in sentences with non-defining relative clauses?
yes, we can
no, we can't

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In sentence f, we cannot use 'that' because of what comes just before the relative pronoun. What comes just before it?
a full stop
a comma

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Let's practise
Do exercise 2 together

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Get to work!
- SB p. 91 Do exercises 3 and 4
- WB p. 61 Do exercises 1, 2, 6 and 7

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Next time
- Make sure you've handed in SE Writing: Phase 4 via Magister Opdrachten
- Bring your novel, device and SB
- Study wordlist unit 7: goalkeeper - interfere

But first: Enjoy your spring break!

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