English speaking

English Speaking 
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English Speaking 

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Professional telephone calls:

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Answering the phone:
  • Appropriate Greeting!
  • Your company's name   (your department)
  • Your name
  • How can you help?

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Answering the phone in a professional context. The right order. 
Good afternoon,
Efteling service desk
This is Melanie speaking
How may I help you?

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When you make a call:
  • Appropriate greeting!
  • Your name
  • Your company's name   (your department)
  • The reason why you are calling 
  • What help do you need?

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"Good afternoon, beauty salon Bliss. Helen speaking, how may I help you?"
This person is:
Making a telephone call
Answering a telephone call

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How to ask something politely
Useful vocabulary:
  • Excuse me, ...
  • Could I ... 
  • Would you be so kind, ...
  • May I ask ... 
  • (Do you know more examples?)

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Tips and tricks:
  • Don't know the right word? describe it (look it up!)
  • Stick to your roles
  • Don't be too hard on yourself
  • You're allowed to make mistakes
  • When the clock is running > Speak English!

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Time to practice: speaking exercise
  • Team up with a partner

  • Decide who is the company and who is the client
  • Think about what you want to say
  • Remember this is a professional telephone call
  • Play your roles. As if it were in real life
  • Switch roles
  • (You are allowed to make up your own topic and context)

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Thanks! See you next week!

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