Gesprekken voeren A2, lesson 2- 2023

Gesprekken voeren A2, lesson 2- 2024
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Gesprekken voeren A2, lesson 2- 2024

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Welcome, class!

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Today's plan. 

- Calling and answering the phone in a professional context

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When do you answer the phone in this professional context?
on the first ring
on the second ring
on the third ring

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What do you say when you are calling someone after they pick up the phone?
Good morning, this is [name] speaking.
Good morning, you speak with [name].

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Should you mention the name of the company you work for?

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Professional telephone calls:

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Answering the phone:
  • Appropriate Greeting!
  • Your company's name   (your department)
  • Your name
  • How may/can you help?

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When you make a call:
  • Appropriate greeting!
  • Your name
  • Your company's name   (your department)
  • The reason why you are calling 
  • What help do you need?

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How to ask something politely
Useful vocabulary:
  • Excuse me, ...
  • Could I ... 
  • Would you be so kind, ...
  • May I ask ...

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You are a trainee at Broadway Lawyers and today you are handling the incoming calls.
The telephone rings ... 

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How would you answer this call?  
Good afternoon,
Labour Law Corporations
This is ..... speaking
How may I help you?

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Homework next time:
Study all the information about telephone etiquette (p.6 -p.11) and do exercise D and practise exercise G1 and G2. ; role A and B.  Please, hand in via teams/opdrachten.

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Hoe zeg je dat je mr Steven Gallagher bent en dat je een reservering wilt maken.

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