§4.4 What does the bible say about war?

§4.4 What does the Bible say about war?

Lesson 3
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§4.4 What does the Bible say about war?

Lesson 3

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Lesson objectives
  • I explore biblical teachings about war and peace
  • I can tell and compare Bible teachings linked to war

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What does the Bible say about war and peace?

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Joshua and Jericho
Read together page 64

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Do you think this story could really have happened?
It depends

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Other (Biblical) views of war
Read page 65 
Complete the "Think about it questions" and fill in the answers on the next slides.

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Why do you think the Bible is inconsistent in its attitude to war?

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Do you think God would help a nation to win a war? Explain your answer.

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Name 5 keywords of today's lesson

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For next lesson:In groups of three, prepare a conversation about war between Joshua, Micah and Jesus. Each person should say at least three sentences.
perform your prepared conversation in front of the class

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