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LessonUp is an online platform where teachers can easily make their own interactive lessons. Teachers have very little time on their hands and are eager to use professional content from museums and other organisations like you! In this lesson, you will find the options and benefits of using LessonUp as an organisation. Click 'Teach' to start the lesson.

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LessonUp & Museums

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What is LessonUp?
LessonUp is an interactive lesson platform that integrates slides, images, videos, multiple- choice and open-ended questions. It brings teachers, students and content creators together in one place where they can create, find, share and (re-)use content.

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How many teachers
use LessonUp?

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  • You can quickly develop, create
     and adjust interactive material.
  • You can create your own small library
     for your educational resources.
  • You can share and embed your lessons
     on your own website and socials.
  • You will receive statistics of its usage and range.
Why you should use
LessonUp as a museum

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What does a LessonUp channel look like?
Click on the images to find out
or go to our website.

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Tools and question types

Let's have a look at the different tools
and question types LessonUp has to
offer in the following slides.

For full effect, click on the teach button!

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Use a mindmap

to ask students what they
already know about a subject.

For example:
What do you already know
about LessonUp?

Slide 8 - Mind map

Click on hotspots 
With hotspots you can add an extra layer of retrievable information.
Let the students look at the details of images and objects.
Or add images to have a closer look at something.

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Drag and drop

Drag and drop the following
words to the right sentences.

I love _______________ lesson material.
Would you like to make your own ________?

Slide 10 - Drag question

Or make a poll!
Would you use LessonUp?

Slide 11 - Poll

Are you excited about LessonUp
or do you want to know more?

Feel free to contact me:

Slide 12 - Mind map