Introduction mavo 1

Introduction mavo 1
How have you experienced your first week at JdW?

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Introduction mavo 1
How have you experienced your first week at JdW?

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Who am I?
-My name is Mrs. Mulder
-I am 36 years old
-Hobbies: Dancing, cooking, travelling, reading, writing

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Who are you?
-What is something you thoroughly enjoy?
-What are you excited about this year?
-What do you think might be challenging for you? 
-Tell us something about yourself what we need to know.

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What do you think you will learn with English this year?

Slide 4 - Open question

Term One
Chapter One This is me
Chapter Two Time for school
Listening skills

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Chapter One
Vocabulary Theme words: looks, numbers, family members, personality.
Stones: Introducing yourself, Talking about personal information, Describing people.
Grammar: Present simple, Personal pronouns, Questions.

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Have you had English in primary school?

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What did you learn?

Slide 8 - Mind map

Learning Corner
Describe People and Personalities.

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Let's get started!
Work on exercise one till five.

Let's watch Nice to meet you! (exercise 6/7/8).

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What have you learnt today?

Slide 11 - Open question

What didn't you understand about the lesson?

Slide 12 - Open question