Monday 14th of February 2hv

Monday 14th of February
Put your phone away
--> in your bag

Get your book
Start reading
10 minutes
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Monday 14th of February
Put your phone away
--> in your bag

Get your book
Start reading
10 minutes

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Reading in silence 11:10 - 11:15
Uitleg review 11:15 - 11:25
Review exercises 11:25 - 11:50
Reading an example review 11:50- 12:00

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4 paragraphs:

- Introduction 
- Description of movie/book 
- Discussion
- Conclusion + recommendation

- Is it a positive or critical review?

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- Start your review with a (catchy) title!

- Could be the name of the film, but also another title
- Try not to use more than 6 words

--> make the reader want to read on

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- Start with a personalised question
--> that makes the reader want to keep on reading

- Mention the title, type of film, setting (when/where), theme, main characters (give a short introduction of the film without describing the entire story!)

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- Write about the main points/events of the plot (what happened)

- Do not give your opinion here!

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- Discuss the question that is asked
- Give your opinion --> use specific language for it!
- Use adverb/adjectives to make your review nicer

- Be negative or positive --> criticise negative elements or praise positive elements of the film

Perhaps add what you have learnt from the film

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- Needs to be logical --> a positive review can't end with a negative conclusion and vice versa

- Recommendation: EXPLAIN why someone should or should not see the film + write to WHO you recommend the film.
--> Again, use specific language to do so. 

- Think about your final sentence

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Review exercises
1. Match the words to the right kind of review

2. Look up positive and negative adjectives you could use
--> avoid using the word 'very'

3. Choose the correct adjectives in the mini review

Finished? --> read example review

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