HVG3-EN-2122 Theme 2 - week 48 - instruction

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Which important words do you remember about writing a review?

Slide 2 - Mind map

Which important words do you remember about characters?

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What are we learning this week?

- can identify elements from the story that contribute to setting & theme;
- can visualize situations from the story;
- can discuss your writing with a classmate and identify what you need to develop.
- you can rewrite part of the story from a different point of view in your own words.

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What to expect today:
* instruction setting & theme
* short story "All summer in a day"
* what's your progress? 

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Watch the video

Take notes about
what  "setting" is

Answer the question
on the next slide

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What is the setting in a story/ what does it do?

Slide 7 - Mind map

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What is the topic of this story?
Snow & magic

Slide 9 - Quiz

What is THEMEssage of this story?
It's okay to be different
love between sisters is stronger than evil
some snowmen can talk
It's okay to be scared

Slide 10 - Quiz

"All summer in a day"
* You have prepared the story before the lesson
* We are going to look at the SETTING and the THEME

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What do you know about the characters?

Slide 12 - Mind map

Words that tell you about the setting:

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What could THE MEssage be?

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How well do you understand the stories so far?

Slide 15 - Poll

How do you feel about your writing so far?

Slide 16 - Poll

What do you think you need help with the most?

Slide 17 - Open question