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Happy to see you today!
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Happy to see you today!
Take a seat and wait till we get started!

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- repeat  conditionals
- some/any/lots of
- have to/must/should
- get to work

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Zero Conditional
If one thing happens, something else always happens/are always true. 
If (present simple), ........ (present simple)
"If you touch a ghost, you possesses you"
"If the ghosts are haunting, the cat goes crazy"
"If a ghost smells garlic, it flees"
"if you hear something weird at night, don't panic"

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First conditional
Used for when things are usually true or true in a specific scenario.

if (present simple), ..... will (infinitive)
"If a ghost sees the sun, it will flee"
"If I see her, I will tell her"
"if he has the right equipment, he will help us "

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Second conditional
Things that are unlikely to happen`or which are not true at present. 

If (past simple), would (infinitive)
If I won the lottery, I would buy a house that's not haunted
If I had his number, I would call the ghost busters

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Third conditional
A things that didn't happen, but you imagine the result if it did happen. 

if (past perfect), ... would (have) (past participle)
If you had listened to me, we would have lived in a normal house
If she had been a little faster, she would have escaped

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let's compare
0 = If you study hard, you pass all tests
1 = If you study hard, you will pass the test
2 = if you studied harder, I would pass the tests
3 = if I had studied, I would have pass the test

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The difference between some/any
Some example sentences? 

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Question and negative sentences
"has there been any suspicious activity around here lately?"
"I haven't seen any weird things lately"

If it doesn't really matter
"Ghosts can possess any person they like"

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In most other sentences where you want to signify a limited number of things. 
"Some ghosts are very loud, others are very sneaky"

questions where the answer will most likely be 'yes'
"Do you want some pizza?"

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A lot of/lots of
all sorts of sentences

any examples?

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should/must/have to
what's the difference? 

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Should is for suggestions
"you should go outside more often"
"She shouldn't get such a big dog"
"Should I cut my hair?"

it's always should + infinitive

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must/have to
often very similar in meaning
"I must go now/I should go now"
but there's a difference
must = more personal
have to = expert/authority
must = formal
have to = informal

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must/have to
Negative form:  different meaning
don't have to

you mustn't do that
you don't have to do that

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have to variations
what's the difference between: 
have to
have got to
had better

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Question time
what questions do you have about today's work?

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let's get to work
make exercises 2 & 4
test your words 5 & 6 if you need it

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Have a nice day!

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