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IF - zinnen of conditionals
Een if-zin bestaat uit twee gedeelten: het gedeelte dat begint met ‘if’ (if he runs)- de voorwaarde, en het hoofdgedeelte van de zin (he will be on time). Het maakt geen verschil of je de zin met het hoofdgedeelte laat beginnen of met if. Er zijn vier verschillende soorten if-zinnen/conditionals.

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Zero Conditional

Het gaat hierbij om gewoontes en feiten.

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Fill in the zero conditional:
If it ... (rain), the grass ... (get) wet.

Slide 4 - Open vraag

If it freezes tonight, water ... (turn) into ice (zero conditional)

Slide 5 - Open vraag

First conditional

Gebruik: als het best waarschijnlijk is dat iets gaat gebeuren, nu of in de toekomst.

Vorm: if + present simple, will + hele werkwoord

If Daniel leaves, we will be sad.

If you prepare properly, you will pass the test

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What will you do if she _______ you?
won't call
doesn't call
wouldn't call
didn't call

Slide 7 - Quizvraag

If you _______ well tonight, you won't be tired tomorrow.
will sleep
would sleep

Slide 8 - Quizvraag

Fill in the first conditional:
If he ... (go) to Paris next month, he ... (visit) the Eiffel Tower.

Slide 9 - Open vraag

My boss will be angry if I ___(not finish) my work. (1st conditional)

Slide 10 - Open vraag

If you like this book, I ___(give) it to you. (1st conditional)

Slide 11 - Open vraag

Will they go to the beach if the weather____ (be) good?
(1st conditional)

Slide 12 - Open vraag

If the winner is unsuccessful then
they will marry Fiona.
the first runner up will take their place.
Lord Farquaat will rescue Fiona.
Shrek will marry donkey.

Slide 13 - Quizvraag

Gayle won't help if you ____ (not ask) her. (1st conditional)

Slide 14 - Open vraag

If Sarah .... (clean) her room today, she will be allowed to go to the cinema

Slide 15 - Open vraag

If it .... (snow) tonight,
the coach will cancel the match

Slide 16 - Open vraag

If we move to a bigger house, I ... (have) my own room

Slide 17 - Open vraag

Will they still go surfing if the weather__________(be) this bad?

Slide 18 - Open vraag

Second conditional

Gebruik: als het gaat over iets wat niet zo waarschijnlijk is dat het ooit zal gebeuren/ iets in je fantasie, nu of in de toekomst.

Vorm: if + past simple, would + hele werkwoord

If  I knew Daniel was leaving us, I would be so sad!

If you bought that car, you would not have to go by bus to work!

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Second conditional
Als het werkwoord  in je "if-zin" is "to be", dan gebruik je  "I were" in plaats van "I was".
If I were there, I  would make my point.

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If Dad drove me to school, I _______ late.
won't be
wouldn't be

Slide 21 - Quizvraag

If I were you, I _______ an umbrella.
will take
would take

Slide 22 - Quizvraag

If I .......... ( be) on Mars today, I .............. (try) to make photographs of a storm.
were, would have tried
were, would try
had been, would try
have been, would have tried

Slide 23 - Quizvraag

Fill in the second conditional:
If England ... (have) better weather, it ... (be) the perfect place to live.

Slide 24 - Open vraag

If you _______ (press) the button, the light ________ (come) on.
The missing words are:

Slide 25 - Open vraag

If she .... (meet) Willam before, she wouldn't marry Tim

Slide 26 - Open vraag

Third conditional
Gebruik: als het gaat over iets die absoluut niet gebeurd is in het verleden
Vorm: if+ past perfect, would have + voltooid deelwoord (3e rij)
If I had seen you, I would have said hello.

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If we won the lottery, I ..... (be) very happy

Slide 28 - Open vraag

If they.......... (study) it the way we are able to do today, they ............... ( be) amazed.
had studied, would have been
have studied, would be
studied, had been
have studied, would be

Slide 29 - Quizvraag

If you .........( have) the right equipment, you ....................( visit) Titan and be able to experience life on a moon
have, would have visited
had had, would have visited
have had, would visited
had, would visit

Slide 30 - Quizvraag

If you .... (press) this button, you would have heard the doorbell.

Slide 31 - Open vraag

If you had asked nicely, he ________ (let) you into the club.

Slide 32 - Open vraag

If I'd tried a bit harder, ________ ( finish) my work.

Slide 33 - Open vraag

Gayle would have helped you if you__________ ( ask) her.

Slide 34 - Open vraag

If she _______ (not, hurry), we ________ (miss) the train. (3rd conditional)
The missing words are:

Slide 35 - Open vraag

If I _________ (win) a million euros, I __________ (buy) a million bags of crisps. (3rd conditional)
The missing words are:

Slide 36 - Open vraag

'If' statements - 4 kinds:

  • 0 = facts - If water reaches 100 degrees, it boils.
  • I = real or likely situations - If he comes first, he will win the medal.
  • II = unlikely or hypothetical situations - If I won the lottery, I would go travelling around the world.
  • III = situations that cannot be changed - If I had studied for the test, I would have passed. (But I didn't study, so I didn't pass.) 

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