Unit 1 + 2

Theme 1: What to expect?
Stones & words, Theme: Have fun!

Grammar: Short yes-no answers
                    : Modals (hulpww): may-might-be allowed to
                    : Future (toekomende tijd)

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Theme 1: What to expect?
Stones & words, Theme: Have fun!

Grammar: Short yes-no answers
                    : Modals (hulpww): may-might-be allowed to
                    : Future (toekomende tijd)

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Slide 3 - Woordweb


- exercise 3 + 4, WB page 8/9     

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What is another word for expectation?

Slide 5 - Quizvraag

What word keeps you safe?
guest of honor

Slide 6 - Quizvraag

Another word for location is:

Slide 7 - Quizvraag

"Drive-in theater: Hollingshead's story"
Few things are more iconically American than the drive-in movie theater, invented by Richard Hollingshead in the early 1930s.
In your TB page 9

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I will ask you a question and you have to answer with:

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Stone 1 (TB 10)
Look at the stones sentences in Stone 1
Practise with the person sitting  next to you how to ask and answer using the same verb in your answer as in the question.

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Modals (hulpww)
Using modals in questions:
- Can/could
- Be allowed to
- May/Might

Stone 2 (asking for and giving permission)

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'may' (and might) versus 'be allowed to'
May =
Might = 
be allowed to =

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Independent study
Use Stone 1 + 2, grammar 1 + 2 to complete exercise 5-7-10-11-
and (on Friday) 12 - 13-14

So, what do you need to do?


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Boards up!!!

How good is your memory?

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A succesful DJ
--> TB 11/WB 15, ex.16: listening and reading

--> Read: Sky-high Snack Prices (ex.19/20/21)
TB page 12 for the text. 

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Future tenses

Slide 16 - Woordweb

will + infinitive 
to be + going to + verb
1. iets aanbieden
(I will help you)

2. Voorspelling zonder bewijs.
(Will it rain tomorrow?)

3. Beloftes (I promise I will do it)

4. Aankondiging
(The lesson won't start till 08.20)

5. Als er think/hope in de zin staat
1. Toekomstplannen
-(We are going to visit my friend)
-(Sheila isnt going to dance at the party)

2. Voorspelling MET bewijs
-(Look at the sky. It is going to rain)

3. Watch out for that car! It is going to crash into you!!

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To be + verb + ing
(so no going to)
present simple
1. Toekomstplannen met vaste plaats of tijdstip.
-(We are meeting my friend at 5)

- She isn't visiting her aunt tomorrow

- I am flying to Boston tonight
1. Bij vertrektijden met een vast schema

- The bus leaves at 3.15
- The concert ends at 11
- School starts in September
- My train doesn't leave until midnight.

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Now try it yourself
Look at exercise 22/23/24/25/26 in your WB on page 17-19. Try to use the grammar tenses we have just discussed.


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Check Test Yourself
I want to know what topics you stil find difficult before we check Test Yourself. 

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Start unit 2
! A thing to know beforehand:

- Tested for grammar that is NOT in Unit 2, so the information comes from the lesson up!

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Present Simple
When you do something on a regular basis. 

She works out all the time.
Does she work out all the time?
She doesn't work out all the time

They  work mornings in their holiday
Do they work...
They don't work mornings....

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Present continuous

Am/is/are + ww+ ing
- When you are doing something right now/at the moment

She is cycling to school
Is she cycling....
She isn't cycling

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Let it go, let it flow
Create five sentences in the Present Simple, BUT:

1. Five affirmative sentences
2. Five negative sentences
3. Five questions

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Let it go, let it flow
Create your own correct English sentences using the Present Continuous.

1. Three affirmative sentences
2. Three negatives
3. Three questions

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Themewords and reading

--> TB page  22: Themewords || WB page 29: exercise 3/4

--> TB page 23: Ironman in Hawai: read independently
       WB page 30, exercise 5/6/7 

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Grammar Unit 2
1. Prepositions of directions (TB p.25). 

2. Some other modals (hulpwerkwoorden) TB p.29

3. Present Simple and Present Continuous. 
- affirmative/negative and question sentences

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Grammar 5 (TB 25)
Einde van een zin: 
- So: same goes for me
- neither: ik ook niet (neither am I)
- Nor: ik ook niet (nor I am/No do I)
- not...either: Ik ook niet (she is not going to see it either)

- Neither... nor: Twee dingen verbieden in 1  zin.
(Neither Miss V, nor her sister are very rich people)

Task: WB 34 exercise 12, 13, 14, 15 

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Homework for next lesson
TB p.24: Read Stone 4 + 5
WB p.31, exercise 8/9/10

Leidenlijst: Study page 1 until 4 and make sure to which category each word belongs. 

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How did we do on studying the Leidenlijst?
What challenges did you face? What was easy?

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Reading homework
TB 26: Extreme cheapskates
WB 37
Exercise 20, 21, 22

another four days -->

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Selftest/Leidenlijst/irregular verbs
Task 1: Do and finish selftest

Task 2: Which one needs more work?
- Irregular verbs
- Leidenlijst

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