Step 1 week 1

Let's get started
1. Saying hello
2. Introducing yourself
3. Asking questions (do and does)
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Let's get started
1. Saying hello
2. Introducing yourself
3. Asking questions (do and does)

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Today's plan
- Introduction to English
- Class rules
-English is everywhere
- Saying hello/introducing yourself

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What do we do in English class?

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  • Learning English
  • Why do we learn English?
  • Where do we already find and see English?
  • Language skills:

  • We speak in English
  • We read in English
  • We listen in English
  •  We write in English

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Class rules/class language
We speak English as much as possible!

group assignment: What are things you need to be able to ask your teacher you think?

Discuss some of the class language

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Class rules/class language

We listen to the teacher
We listen to each other with kind ears
We are polite 
We ask to go to the bathroom
We raise our hands when we have a question
We remind each other to speak English

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English is everywhere
Homework for next class

We already speak, hear and read a lot of English
Write down before next class all the times you've been in touch with something English!

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Saying hello
We're going to watch a video about saying hello. 

Write down 2 sentences or phrases that you can use for saying hello as well 

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Saying hello

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Meet and Greet
In this assignment you'll have a meet and greet in groups of 3

make groups of 3

The teacher will hand out the exercise

(leermateriaal- trede 1 - saying hello - meet and greet)

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Introducing yourself
You'll learn how to introduce yourself 

Your teacher will hand out the exercise, don't lose this one! you'll need it next class

(leermateriaal- trede 1 - saying hello - introducing yourself)

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Homework / Recap
For next class (friday): 

English is everywhere list
Finish and prepare how to introduce yourself.

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